4 Types of Steam Cleaners


Steam cleaners can be used for cleaning a variety of su […]

Steam cleaners can be used for cleaning a variety of surfaces and objects, but some types will be better for particular jobs than others. Recognizing the different uses and features of the main four types of steam cleaners will help you pinpoint which is the best fit for your needs.

1. Handheld Steam Cleaner
Handheld steam cleaners are small, portable and fall on the more affordable end of the price spectrum for this type of appliance. The prices will range, but typically fall right around $100, although there are some cheaper models out there.

Their compact size makes them extremely easy to work with, as well as store when they’re not in use. This type of steam cleaner is great at getting out small stains in the carpet or quickly clean windows, but they’re not too practical when it comes to cleaning large spaces. They’re small, portable size will come more in handy for counters and hard-to-reach spots than for cleaning floors.

Most affordable type of steam cleaner.
Work great for smaller cleaning jobs.
Ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach spots, like corners, drapes and underneath furniture.
Easy to store without taking up too much space.
Lightweight and extremely easy to use.
To Keep in Mind:
Not the best steam cleaner for larger cleaning jobs.
Doesn’t provide the same level of cleaning as larger steam cleaners.

2. Steam Mops
Steam mops are designed primarily for cleaning floors. Resembling the look and feel of a stick vacuum, this type of steam cleaner is upright, easy to handle and lightweight. Steam mops usually include a water tank either in or attached to the handle.

This type of steam cleaner is not only easier to use than a traditional mop or swiffer, but is also much more efficient at cleaning and sanitizing your floors. While each model will likely offer different features and accessories, the one thing they all have in common is the steam that kills off germs, bacteria and parasites that may be lurking on your floors. Because it uses steam, instead of harsh chemicals that you later need to clean up, you will spend less time cleaning your floors.

Steam mops are also an affordable steam cleaner, typically costing a little more than the typical handheld model. Prices will likely vary based on brand, power, versatility and available accessories.

For your average homeowner, this may be the best steam cleaner available. It’s easy to use, eco-friendly and friendly towards the average budget.

Affordable & eco-friendly.
Lightweight & easy to use.
Works great at cleaning and sanitizing floors.
Takes up very little storage space.
Very efficient at killing germs, bacteria and parasites.
Don’t have to use detergents or other harsh chemicals.
To Keep in Mind:
Not the best steam cleaner for counters, corners or other hard-to-reach spots.
May require a special feature or attachment for use on carpets.
May have to be refilled frequently for larger cleaning projects

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