7 Factors to Consider When Buying a Steam Cleaner Part Three


7. Ease of Use Often lighter models of steam cleaners w […]

7. Ease of Use
Often lighter models of steam cleaners will be easier to work with than heftier ones, but the larger types of steam cleaners can provide a deeper clean. It’s a conundrum that must be addressed by anyone that buys a steam cleaner.

If you’re worried about the discomfort of handling a large or heavy steam cleaner, then sticking with a smaller and easier to use model might be worth the trade-off. However, if you’re really wanting a device that can provide a deep clean, you may have to go with a larger device than you initially anticipated.

Extra Features to Look For:
Continuous Refill:
Some models offer a continuous refill feature, which means they have two water tanks, so you can refill one while you’re in the midst of cleaning for extra convenience.

Combination Models:
You can find models that mix two types of steam cleaners in one, like steam mops that also have a handheld steam cleaner or a vacuum /steam cleaning combo that also functions as a vacuum cleaner. For those who want to save on storage space in their closet, a two-in-one model may be the smart choice.

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