Industrial electric heaters are rarely used as the only […]

Industrial electric heaters are rarely used as the only heat source in the workplace. More typical is that the mainstream heating might lack capacity in the coldest weather, or may not quite reach certain areas of the building. Industrial fan heaters are perfect as a source of supplementary heating. In some applications, the lack of a centralised heating system or mains gas supply forces companies to use electric industrial fan heaters as their primary heat source. Whatever application they are used be it as supplementary heating, emergence heating or as the a primary heating system, these electric industrial heaters are high in their effectiveness, versatility, relative low-cost and ease of installation.

These industrial electric fan heaters are a very safe form of warm air heating as neither naked flames ,nor potentially poisonous emissions are produced such as carbon monoxide ,making these industrial electric fan heaters particularly suitable for use in special applications where the use of traditional fuels such as oil or gas is not permitted. They can also be used in closed environments, as no oxygen is required for these industrial electric warm air heaters to work. You can also use these electric industrial heaters in a fan only or ventilation mode, which is great for moving air around in the summer months.

Typical applications for our range of Industrial Electric Heaters are;-

● Suitable for most Industrial and Commercial electric warm air applications
● Dockyards and ship building
● Power stations
● Factories & Warehouses
● Mining
● Construction sites
● Forges
● Processing plants
● Events & Marquees
● Schools
● Military Installations
● Exhibition halls
● Hospitals
● Temporary Buildings
The heating elements generate heat by the Joule effect and the axial fan produces an airflow that is warmed up as it flows around the heating elements. Clean, warm air is discharged from the front outlet.The heating function is controlled by the built-in safety/room thermostat to keep a constant temperature and to prevent overheating.Most of our industrial electric fan heaters can also be fitted with a remote room thermostat to as an optional extra.

The use of a thermostat provides an automatic room climate control and the adjustable thermal output allows adjustment of the heaters performance to different heating needs and to reduce energy costs.

Output Temperature and the Delta T of Industrial electric fan heaters
Delta T is the Industrial electric heater manufacturers ” trade terminology” for temperature change across a heater. In the case of industrial electric heaters, it is the difference between the air temperature going in and that coming out. It varies from heater to heater and indeed in any one heater it will depend in the heat setting and fan setting, however where a fan heaters specification states a delta T (sometimes abbreviated to ΔT°) it means at the maximum heat and maximum air flow. It is typical of industrial electric fan heaters to have a ΔT° of between 40 and 55°C. Where higher temperature output is required care is need because fan heaters are designed to operate within a temperature envelope so that if a heater produces a high temperature beyond its design envelope (which can happen if the airflow is restricted) then the thermal overload will switch off the elements. If you need a heater to produce a higher temperature lift, or if the heater is part of a process re-circulation system, let us know and we can advise you on a solution.

Our industrial electric heaters are well made, durable and robust, everything you would expect from a commercial and industrial manufactured product, the are also –
The heat is dispensed efficiently and in a concentrated way to the ambient air by a powerful fan.
These industrial electric space heaters do not use up any oxygen and they do not give off any unpleasant odours, or dangerous gases so they can be operated in rooms which have bad or even no means of ventilation. Temperature can be adjusted and is controlled by a inbuilt thermostat. The unit can also be used to ventilate rooms as well if so required. They can be used instantly where electrical power is available
Robust and safe:
All appliances are VDE checked and thermally protected. The heating elements have a stainless jacket and the casing is manufactured from galvanised steel sheet, which is then stove-enamelled , resulting in durable and robust industrial electric fan heaters.

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