Do you know these 10 practical but niche appliances?


What I recommend to you today are 10 small household ap […]

What I recommend to you today are 10 small household appliances that are niche but in fact you can’t put it down after you use it~ I hope I can plant a large grassland for you!

1. Hanging ironing machine

There is a saying that "people rely on clothing, Buddha depends on gold", wearing crumpled clothes will really deduct a lot of points for the image! Even for a very tall and perfect person, the effect can't bear to look directly at it.
The handicapped party thought of the various problems of ironing clothes with an iron: how to control the heat? The clothes won't be burnt, so I decided to give up in seconds!

2. Breakfast machine

For young people living alone, it would be extremely happy to be able to eat breakfast. However, most of us like to sleep late and never get out of bed until the last minute when we are on the verge of being late.

And with such a multifunctional breakfast machine, you can make a delicious breakfast when you wash your face and brush your teeth. It's not too happy!

3. Food waste disposer

Whether it is the residues and scraps produced by washing dishes and vegetables, or the kitchen residues produced by processing seafood, peeling fruits, etc., it can be broken into scraps and discharged into the sewer. It only needs 3 simple steps:

①Pour small kitchen waste into the drain of the sink;

②Open the water faucet;

③Turn on the garbage disposer.

It's so easy and happy. From then on to the pinnacle of life, say goodbye to the unpleasant sour odor of kitchen waste!

4. LED makeup mirror

I thought it was a waste to buy a mirror so expensive, but when I got the real thing, I felt that everything was worth it! There is nothing to say in terms of appearance, the most important thing is its makeup mirror light, which can see more clearly than ordinary mirrors!

Since then, the meticulous level of makeup has soared to tens of thousands of points. Don't even want to go out in less than two hours~

5. Cordless vacuum cleaner

The pit editor of the sweeping robot has stepped on it. After sweeping the floor, I have to clean the ash box, and it is annoying that the hair entangled on the roller cannot be pulled down.

The wireless vacuum cleaner is different. It is very powerful to suck the cat hair in the gap on the floor, and when vacuuming, no matter which gear it is, there will be no shortage of horsepower and dust floating around. Since I have it, I feel like I turned over and sang a serf

6. Shaving ball

The hairballs on the clothes made people look annoyed, and it was a sudden death of obsessive-compulsive disorder. At this time you need this artifact

Since I bought a shaving ball, I saved a large number of sweaters and coats that I was about to throw away. After the shaved, it was clean as new, and the immeasurable economic loss was restored. Oh yeah, hey!

7. Quilt warmer

In winter, nothing is more comfortable than getting into a warm bed! However, in the cold winter, it is not so easy to have a warm bed. Especially in the south, where there is no heating and the air humidity is high, many friends still have cold hands and feet after a night of sleep.

With the quilt warmer, you are not afraid of the cold and humid winter. It can heat the quilt to 50 or 60 degrees Celsius in half an hour, which is much more efficient than an electric blanket. Bake before going to bed, it will make the quilt become warm and melted, no longer have to worry about covering the quilt!

8. Dishwasher

For lazy people, washing dishes is really painful. When cooking, you can save a bowl as a bowl. Every time you wash dishes, you have the urge to throw away all the dishes and buy a new batch.

Perhaps you are only one dishwasher away from a happy life. It is faster than hand washing, saves water, and automatically dries, and it can also prevent dust and bacteria from attracting.

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