Electric iron equipment maintenance


     Depends on whether the voltage matches: China […]


   Depends on whether the voltage matches: China's mains voltage is 220 volts, the first time you use an electric iron, you should check whether the iron voltage matches, especially for imported products, the voltage may be 240 volts or 110 volts. If you accidentally buy a 240-volt electric iron, the power of the product will not be fully utilized, and the ironing effect will be affected due to insufficient heat. Using a 110-volt electric iron will damage the electrical wiring, and may even cause danger or even endanger your personal safety.

   Use water with less impurities: Although some products claim to have a descaling function, if conditions permit, water with less impurities, such as distilled water or cold water, should be used. If you often use tap water, the scale formed cannot be completely eliminated, and it will accumulate and easily block the steam injection holes.

Pour out the remaining water in the water tank: after each use, you must pour out the remaining water in the water tank, and then energize to evaporate the remaining water to make it spray out from the bottom plate, otherwise it will flow out from the bottom plate after the water cools, and when it is heated again , The minerals in the water adhere to the bottom plate, which will erode the bottom plate and cause damage in the long run.

Cleaning at least once a month: To make the steam iron durable for a long time, you should use its "auto-cleaning" function at least monthly to remove the scale accumulated in the iron, and store it after it is completely dry, and it is best to store it upright , Which can extend its service life.


   is spraying water instead of fog

   Reason: The temperature is too low

  Exclude: Use it when it is higher than 100℃.

   can not spray steam spray

   Reason: Blockage of pipes and steam holes

   Exclusion: Use a pin or fine wire to clean and dredge, and use a 50% vinegar solution to clean the internal scale.

   water leaking

   Reason: The temperature of the thermostat is too low; too much water is filled; the water tank is damaged;

  Exclude: increase the temperature of the thermostat when the power is off; pour out some water; replace the damaged parts.

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