How do we steam clean the mattress

Summary: As many as 10 million dust mites per bed can easily cause your symptoms, because dust mites and their excrement are co...
As many as 10 million dust mites per bed can easily cause your symptoms, because dust mites and their excrement are common components of household allergens. This shows how important cleaning is.

How to clean the mattress
Start our mattress cleaning by pre-checking and recording any pre-existing conditions (such as discoloration, mattress type or age). Do not clean your mattress cover, only the physical mattress itself. Only spring mattresses can be cleaned. Hot water extraction method is not recommended on memory foam mattresses, because wet foam may not dry completely and may cause secondary damage.
Pre-vacuum your entire mattress to extract insoluble debris such as dirt, hair and sandy soil.
Then, we identified treatment areas that might require additional attention. If you want to remove pet accidents from the mattress, this is a common step.
Next, we use the upholstery cleaning stick to deep clean your mattress with hot water and a residue-free cleaning solution. The wand also uses a powerful on-board cleaning vacuum cleaner to extract water and cleaning solution to ensure that your bed dries as quickly as possible, trapping moisture and loose dirt from the fabric. For natural cellulose cotton or rayon, it is important to understand that technicians may not be able to inject hot solution into the fabric because the fabric may brown. This process may require the use of pure cotton shampoo for safe cleaning.
After cleaning the mattress, you can choose to add a deodorant to the mattress. Our deodorant immediately neutralizes them from the source, rather than masking the odor.
This is a rather troublesome process, but it will be much more convenient if you have a steam cleaner.
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