Applicable scenarios of steam mops

Summary:Dormitory, small single room.The steam mops are all wired, so the steam mops are very suitable for cleaning this small s...
Dormitory, small single room.

The steam mops are all wired, so the steam mops are very suitable for cleaning this small space. Generally, the power cord is about five meters, which is sufficient for a dormitory to use the steam mops. Families with babies or pets.

Generally, people with babies or pets like to roll and play on the ground, and their immune systems are very weak and vulnerable to bacteria. Therefore, steam mops are very suitable to improve the sanitation of the home. Often cooking at home, greasy kitchen.

Kids who often cook at home should know that it is very easy to get oil stains on the ground, but it is difficult to clean them, and the steam mop can well fight against these stubborn stains. A damp bathroom.

If the bathroom is too wet, it is easy to breed mold, which is bad for the human body. The steam mop can be dragged and dried immediately, which can use high temperature to inhibit the growth of bacteria. Desktop, window or sofa.

Some steam mops will be equipped with different nozzle brush heads, which can be used to clean desks, windows, sofas, etc., very convenient.

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