Are outdoor mosquito killer lamps useful for termites

Summary:In May of each year, the southern region begins to usher in the rainy season, the trees are prosperous, the rain is suff...
In May of each year, the southern region begins to usher in the rainy season, the trees are prosperous, the rain is sufficient, and the official period of active pest vectors such as mosquitoes and termites. Many friends have asked whether the outdoor mosquito killers they bought can trap termites. Here, the editor of Shangke tells you that outdoor mosquito killer lamps are useful for termites.

Let's take a look at the life habits of termites. An important habit of termites is phototaxis, in which adult termites follow light to find potential nesting sites. In addition, adult termites have large wings and the ability to fly. Termites officially rely on these two special grades to continuously invade the interior, "live" in the kitchen, bedroom, and living room, and then eat wooden objects from the inside out.

According to the living habits of termites, we can know that it is very important to block termites outside. Home protection from termites should be done in both indoor and outdoor areas. Pay attention to maintaining a ventilated and dry environment indoors, and minimize the use of wooden furniture. Outdoor mosquito killers can be used for prevention and trapping. If you find a termite ant road and nest, don't act rashly, and find a professional termite removal company for "quick kill" treatment. Non-professionals will scare the snakes, and once the termites escape, it will increase the difficulty of eradicating the termites.

Why are outdoor mosquito killers useful for termites?

First of all, outdoor mosquito killer lamps are used outdoors and live with termites.

Secondly, the flight and phototaxis of termites are the key to the usefulness of outdoor mosquito killer lamps for termites. The outdoor mosquito killer lamp is set according to the phototaxis of pests, attracting mosquitoes to approach through specific light. When mosquitoes are close to the light source, they will touch the high-voltage power grid around the light source, which will effectively trap and kill mosquitoes, flying insects, termites, etc.

The high-voltage power grid used in the outdoor mosquito killer can instantly emit thousands of volts, and there is no problem with dealing with small pests such as flying ants. It can not only attract flying ants, but also electrocute them. There is no doubt that the outdoor mosquito killer is useful for termites.

What kind of outdoor mosquito killer is better for termites?

Outdoor mosquito killers are useful for termites, but solar-powered mosquito killers are recommended here. The solar mosquito killer lamp does not need wiring, works by solar energy, is more environmentally friendly, and is very easy to install and use. For example, the outdoor mosquito killer lamp that is connected to electricity needs to dig trenches for wiring and prepare the power supply. When installing, it also requires a cement base, large screws, and a large amount of work.

Precautions for the use of outdoor mosquito killer lamps to trap and kill termites

1. Install the outdoor mosquito killer in a place with good greenery and water sources.

2. Outdoor mosquito killer lamps should avoid strong light sources such as street lamps. The mosquito killer lamp is placed on the way the termites fly to the street lamp, and they are intercepted halfway.

3. When using goods mosquito killer lamps for households, try to arrange the lamps on the side of the courtyard wall instead of the side of the house.