Are outdoor mosquito killer lamps useful

Summary:Everyone has been hurt by mosquitoes in summer. Of course, sometimes it is better if we are indoors, because we can use ...
Everyone has been hurt by mosquitoes in summer. Of course, sometimes it is better if we are indoors, because we can use mosquito coils and other methods to repel mosquitoes. But it may not be so convenient if you are outside. Therefore, in recent years, outdoor mosquito killer lamps have been released. But many friends will question, are outdoor mosquito killers useful? Can it really kill mosquitoes?

 1. It is useful from the perspective of the mosquito-killing principle of outdoor mosquito-killing lamps.
If you want to know secrets, you must first understand the habits of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are a species with phototaxis. According to scientific research, mosquitoes like dark light and are afraid of strong light; they like dark and humid environments, and they are afraid of clean and refreshing environments. The principle of outdoor mosquito killer lamp is designed according to the former. The built-in LED light source can release ultraviolet light waves with a peak value around 365nm, and the antennae of mosquitoes are very sensitive to it. There is a high-voltage power grid around the light source of the lamp, which can generate thousands of volts of high-voltage in an instant. Mosquitoes will be killed by electric shock when they touch it, so as to achieve the purpose of killing mosquitoes. From this point of view, outdoor mosquito killing lamps are effective, and a simple understanding is the principle of "moths fighting fire".

2. It is also useful from the perspective of the use environment of outdoor mosquito killer lamps.
Outdoor mosquito killer lamps are different from indoor mosquito killer lamps. They are mainly used in courtyard gardens, community greening, poolsides and other areas. There are many mosquitoes and not many people. This environment is characterized by a decrease in the odor of carbon dioxide that attracts mosquitoes, and a dramatic increase in phototaxis. To put it bluntly, there is only light in the outdoor environment, which is the "food" that mosquitoes like, and the attracting ability of mosquito killers is definitely stronger.

Are outdoor mosquito killers useful? Judging from the actual detection effect, the mosquito eradication rate is above 90%. In fact, mosquitoes have been the most troublesome problem for everyone for so long. Of course, they can't be eliminated completely. Everyone can only do their best to prevent the mosquito killer. I can only say that it has a certain effect. , but you said that it is almost impossible to kill all the mosquitoes. It can only be said that within the scope of the mosquito killer, there will be no mosquitoes to attack you personally.

The most effective mosquito control method is to use a variety of mosquito control methods together. For example, when we use mosquito killer lamps, we can also apply mosquito repellent and mosquito repellent items such as toilet water and mosquito repellent in outdoor activities.