Are UV Mosquito Killing Lamps Useful

Summary:Are UV Mosquito Killing Lamps Useful? There is no problem in principle, but the effect of the UV mosquito killer is diff...
Are UV Mosquito Killing Lamps Useful? There is no problem in principle, but the effect of the UV mosquito killer is different in the result. Mosquito killer lamps are not expensive, I suggest you buy one and try it yourself. If the effect is good, continue to use it. If the effect is not good, just use it as an experiment, and spend money to buy knowledge.

1. Is the light of the mosquito killer lamp ultraviolet?

It is understood that most of the mosquito killing lamps on the market are designed based on the "phototaxis", "odor tendency", "humidity and temperature" of mosquitoes. Among them, the phototaxis is based on "ultraviolet", which simply means that the light of the mosquito killer is ultraviolet. In fact, the light of the mosquito killer lamp is a near-ultraviolet light wave. The mosquito trapping system of the regular manufacturer's mosquito killer lamp includes: long-wave ultraviolet and violet light, with a spectral range of 300nm-400nm. Long-wave ultraviolet rays are invisible to the naked eye, and what we see is purple light, which is actually not helpful for attracting mosquitoes. UV light can interfere with the flight of mosquitoes, "attracting" mosquitoes to the light source. From this point of view, UV mosquito killer lamps are useful.

When it comes to the light of the mosquito killer lamp, everyone may think that there is radiation, which is harmful to the human body, but it is not. You can click on the following analysis article: "Doctor Science: Is UV Light from Mosquito Killing Lamps Harmful to Human Body?"

2. What is the effect of mosquito killer lamp?

As mentioned earlier, not all mosquito killer lamps are effective. There are many types of mosquito killer lamps, and the effects of different types of mosquito killer lamps vary greatly. Even if the mosquito killer lamps of different manufacturers of the same category have different effects, this is "you get what you pay for".

According to the usage scenarios, mosquito killer lamps can be divided into indoor mosquito killer lamps and outdoor mosquito killer lamps. What are the effects of these two types of mosquito killer lamps?

The main user's bedroom, living room, etc. are generally UV mosquito trapping lamps or photocatalytic mosquito killing lamps, which must be strictly followed by the methods specified in the instructions for use, otherwise the mosquito killing lamps will not work well. The reason why everyone says that the mosquito killer lamp is ineffective also refers to the indoor mosquito killer lamp.

Outdoor mosquito killing lamps are mainly used for garden flowers and plants, green belts in residential areas, etc. Generally, ultraviolet mosquito killing lamps are combined with high-voltage electric shocks to kill mosquitoes. The effect of outdoor mosquito killer is very good, and many users have personally tested it. Recommended reading: Are Mosquito Killing Lamps Effective? Pro-test that outdoor mosquito killing lamps can really kill mosquitoes"