Can the steam cleaner wash the curtains

Summary:1、 What does the steam cleaner washAs steam cleaning is not very popular, it only exists at the level of industrial and ...
1、 What does the steam cleaner wash
As steam cleaning is not very popular, it only exists at the level of industrial and professional cleaning companies. We rarely use it or see it in our life. Many people only know it is used for cleaning. As for what to clean or which industries to use, people are not very clear. The following are the industries in which steam cleaning machines are used and what to clean:
1. Automobile beauty industry: cleaning of oil, mud and dust on the surface of vehicles. Cleaning of accessories, instruments, instrument panel, seat cushion, foot pad, air conditioner, engine and indoor air disinfection inside the vehicle.
2. Housekeeping and cleaning industry: cleaning of lampblack equipment in families, hotels, guesthouses, restaurants and other places, such as range hoods, exhaust fans, kitchen tiles, gas stoves, toilets, carpets, sofas, and household appliances. High temperature steam can also effectively improve the indoor environment, making the home environment more healthy.
3. Public places: cleaning of billboards, bus stop boards, guardrails, railings, small advertisements, etc.
4. Large KTV, Internet cafes: sofa cleaning, etc.
5. Machinery industry: oil pollution cleaning for factories, workshops, oil fields and various mechanical parts.
6. Medical industry: High temperature cleaning, disinfection, sterilization, etc. of medical devices and laboratory vessels.
2、 Can the steam cleaner wash the curtains
With the development of science and technology, steam cleaners are becoming more and more popular, and now they are gradually appearing in some people's homes. Can steam cleaners wash curtains?
In daily life, you can use a steam cleaner to clean the whole house, remove formaldehyde with vacuum steam, and clean the floor gaps. You can also clean the fabric sofa, carpet, curtain, etc., so you don't have to worry about inconvenience any more.
In addition, children's toys can also be sterilized by steam at high temperature to provide a cleaner and safer place for children.