Carpet steam cleaner-how to steam clean carpet

Summary:Since we have all spent a few hours indoors recently, you may spend more time thinking about carpet piles or rearranging...

Since we have all spent a few hours indoors recently, you may spend more time thinking about carpet piles or rearranging furniture than usual. You may be thinking: "Well, it's already dusty over there" or, "Wow, the sofa looks great here, but it does leave a lot of dents."

Fortunately, steam cleaning can help you.

When considering steam cleaning a carpet, a few different processes may come to mind. Maybe you are envisioning a truck with a boiler on it and connecting long hoses to scrubbers and vacuum cleaners, or using an automated chemical "steam cleaner". These are not what we are trying to solve here. This article focuses on cleaning carpets with dry steam.

What is the difference between steam cleaning methods?
You might think of three main steam cleaning methods.

truck. A truck with a vehicle-mounted boiler and hose system generates steam in the boiler, but the surface of the carpet has only hot water, and is cleaned with a scrubber and vacuum. Using hot water, and then using a vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt and water remaining on the carpet will make the carpet wet, so it takes longer to dry.
Steam vacuum. Other familiar steam vacuum systems are automated chemical and water extraction systems that have similar problems and can cause carpets to overwet.
Dry steam. Unlike other methods, dry steam uses steam produced in a boiler in a compact system that only produces hotter dry steam at a humidity of about 6%. The steam is generated within about 10 feet of the surface of the carpet, so the steam is dry and the carpet dries faster.

Can steam cleaners be used on carpets?
They can do it, and although you should always spot checks in inconspicuous places when trying new cleaning methods, there is no reason to expect steam to damage the carpet. In fact, it has many benefits that other cleaning services cannot provide