Complete list of mosquito killer lamp types! Don't buy the wrong one again!

Summary:There are many types of mosquito killers on the market. You must know that different mosquito killers are suitable for d...

There are many types of mosquito killers on the market. You must know that different mosquito killers are suitable for different occasions, so that you can better understand them before purchasing. Today, I will take you to learn more about the types of mosquito killers. Come take a look!

Types of mosquito killers 1. Electric mosquito killers

This kind of mosquito killer is composed of a lamp tube, a high-voltage electric shock net and a frame. Its working principle is to use the characteristics of mosquitoes like light and heat to attract mosquitoes, and then use high-voltage electricity to electrocute the mosquitoes. This mosquito killer is not harmful to humans, is small in size, convenient to use, non-toxic, tasteless, and uses less electricity. It is a very practical small household appliance. In addition to placing it on the table, this mosquito killer can also be hung, and it works very well in places with many mosquitoes.

Type two of mosquito killer lamp, stick-trap mosquito killer lamp

The working principle of this model is to use ultraviolet rays and viscose to catch flying insects. Among them, ultraviolet rays do not harm the human body and have a disinfecting effect. The viscose is non-toxic, tasteless, and harmless to the body. This mosquito killer can not only kill mosquitoes but also other flying insects in the house. It has a wide range of applications and high utilization value. Because its raw material is viscose, it is often cleaned of insects on the glue. This mosquito killer lamp can be used not only at home, but also in places that require high sanitary conditions.

Types of mosquito killers 3. Airflow mosquito killers

The shape of this mosquito killer is somewhat similar to that of an electric fan, but a lamp tube and an electric heating wire are arranged inside, and the wind is used to suck mosquitoes onto the power grid to kill them, achieving the effect of killing mosquitoes. This mosquito killer does not contain chemical substances, is environmentally friendly and healthy, has a long use time, and is safe and reliable. In addition to being used at home, it can also be used outdoors.

Types of mosquito killers 4. Photocatalytic mosquito killers

This is a mosquito trap that combines light, wind and smell, and is also the most advanced and comprehensive mosquito trap on the market. It can simulate the breath of carbon dioxide on the human body to attract mosquitoes. When the mosquitoes fly, it forms an air current to quickly engulf them. Because of its trapping windows, once the mosquitoes get in, they can't get out again. The mosquito killer is non-toxic, harmless, safe and reliable, and suitable for any occasion.