High pressure steam cleaner structure

Summary:High-pressure steam cleaners are the best choice for removing heavy oil stains such as dried grease, asphalt, carbon dep...
High-pressure steam cleaners are the best choice for removing heavy oil stains such as dried grease, asphalt, carbon deposits, and ink. At the same time, it can also be used as a tool for thawing pipes in cold areas. The high pressure steam cleaner is mainly composed of power part, heating part, high pressure plunger pump, nozzle, high pressure soft and working accessories.
1. Power part
The power source is an 11 kW electric motor. Using 380V 50Hz factory power, it is very convenient to use. This motor is a low-speed motor of 1000 rpm, which effectively reduces the wear of the high-pressure plunger pump. Continuous working time can reach more than 10 hours.
2. Heating part
The heating part of the high-pressure steam cleaning machine is a double-layer heating hob formed by winding stainless steel seamless steel pipes with a length of more than 50 meters in turn. It can fully heat the cold water, and the thermal efficiency can reach more than 95%, so as to achieve a constant water temperature of 155 °C.
3. High pressure plunger pump
The high-pressure plunger pump is the main component of the high-pressure water jet cleaning device. The selection of ceramic materials is both high temperature and wear-resistant, thereby increasing the service life of the high-pressure pump.
4. Spray guns, nozzles and working accessories of high pressure steam cleaners
High-pressure water passes through the hose and then to the gun, nozzle and work accessories. The nozzle converts high-pressure, low-flow water into a low-pressure, high-flow jet. Under certain other conditions, the cleaning effect mainly depends on the accessories and nozzles of the high-pressure cleaning device. General nozzles are made of a variety of special metals. To generate water jets for cleaning, two types of nozzles, cylindrical and flat, are generally used. Due to the different structures and functions of these two types of nozzles, the jet of cylindrical nozzles has a long range but a small area of ​​action; while the jet of flat nozzles has a short range but a large area of ​​action.
5. High pressure hose
The high-pressure water pump and the nozzle of the high-pressure steam cleaner are connected by a 10-meter long high-pressure hose. The high-pressure hose is composed of three parts: inner tube, reinforcement layer and outer skin. The inner tube transports water, the reinforcement layer increases the strength of the inner tube to withstand high pressures, and the outer skin protects against corrosion and mechanical damage. The high-pressure hose and reinforcement layer are braided with steel wire, generally 2 to 3 layers.