Inventory of the magical use of steam cleaners

Summary:In the south in winter, even at home, after a while, a layer of white mist forms on the windows. The room is humid and e...
In the south in winter, even at home, after a while, a layer of white mist forms on the windows. The room is humid and easy to get sick; in the north, although there is heating and floor heating, if there is no ventilation for a long time, Cleaning is also easy to breed bacteria.

Clean jewelry and watches

Clean up well, take out your jewelry and watches throughout the year, sort, wipe, and organize. After a busy day, turn on your steam sterilizer and do a winter sauna for pure gold jewelry and metal straps. Put a towel under the gold ornaments and strap, and you will be super fulfilling to see the black dirt, which appears on the towel under the powerful steam of the steam cleaner. After cleaning, wipe and dry with a clean cloth. Let your jewelry and bracelet be prepared for your next use in the best condition! Good women are prepared!

Clean toys

After the smog, not only do you need to vacuum in your home, but the air purifier needs to clean the filter element, and children’s toys also need a steam sauna. One: Rinse with steam, rinse and wipe plastic toys, rinse and wipe off the dirt on them. Two: Use steam to sterilize and remove odors, remove dirt on plush toys, and prevent odors and bacteria from breeding and spreading on your baby toys. Little babies play more at ease, and moms and dads are more at ease.

Clean the water dispenser pipe

How long has your water dispenser been unwashed? Can I still find the phone number of the master cleaning the water dispenser? Does the master take apart, wash and wash? I feel uneasy when I use the detergent, and worry about the detergent residue in the water that the whole family drinks? Feeling uneasy without using detergent, always think that the master hasn't cleaned it yet? Remove the water tank, pick up your steam cleaner, and spray steam at the water inlet. You will see from the water outlet that there is a year of dirt and blockages in the pipeline. Is it super refreshing? Don’t use detergent, don’t worry about it!

After all cleaning is complete, turn off the equipment, unplug the socket, wait for a while after the equipment pressure drops, open the boiler cover, drain the remaining cleaning water, and healthy cleaning can be completed.