Problems needing attention when using lawn mosquito lamp

Summary:Lawn mosquito-killing lamp is widely used in many places because of its advantages of efficient and pollution-free killi...
Lawn mosquito-killing lamp is widely used in many places because of its advantages of efficient and pollution-free killing mosquitoes. It provides a safe and comfortable production and living environment for people while killing mosquitoes efficiently. Some problems need to be paid attention to when using lawn mosquito-killing lamp. The following is a brief list and explanation.
1、 Correct installation: avoid strong light at night and solar photovoltaic panels during the day
The first thing to pay attention to when using the lawn mosquito killer lamp is to install it correctly. When installing the trustworthy lawn mosquito-killing lamp, the installation angle of the equipment and the climate of the installation site should be considered respectively. The former is because the lawn is different from other objects requiring mosquito repellent and has a lower height. Therefore, the installation angle needs to be adjusted to ensure the effect of killing mosquitoes; The latter is to avoid the local possible bad weather to ensure the effect of pest control and prolong the service life of the equipment.
2、 Consider the time period of mosquito infestation
In view of the working nature of lawn mosquito-killing lamps, it is necessary to timely grasp the time period of large-scale mosquito infestation at the installation site. In order to make the lawn mosquito killer lamp with good reputation play its due role, in addition to its own professional performance should be ahead of other similar products on the market, it should also master the biological law of mosquito infestation at the installation site so that it can catch and kill mosquitoes in a timely manner when large-scale outbreaks occur. At the same time, it can also scientifically plan the use period of equipment according to this biological law to effectively save energy consumption.
3、 Regularly clean the lawn anti-mosquito lamp
There are many mosquitoes in the lawn area itself, and the lawn anti-mosquito lamp will kill many mosquitoes at night. During the use of lawn mosquito control lamps, especially in the season when they are often used, the equipment needs to be cleaned regularly. Timely cleaning of the storage space can ensure the normal operation of the equipment and continue to maintain good mosquito control effect.
From the above points, it is not difficult to see that when using the lawn mosquito-killing lamp, the correct operation should be carried out according to the relevant instructions of the manufacturer and in combination with the specific conditions of the place of use. At the same time, the equipment should be regularly maintained and maintained to extend its service life, thus providing an important guarantee for long-term killing mosquitoes and creating good environmental quality.