Product features and methods of mosquito traps

Summary:First, product features and effects1. Using comprehensive technologies such as ultraviolet light trapping, human breath ...
First, product features and effects

1. Using comprehensive technologies such as ultraviolet light trapping, human breath trapping, and airflow trapping, the trapping method is perfect and the trapping effect is good.

2. Mosquitoes are sucked into the storage room by the airflow, and then air-dried and dehydrated to death. There is no "pop" sound when the electric mosquito trap is shocked, and there is no high-voltage electricity, which is safe and quiet.

3. The captured live mosquitoes will release a chemical signal or sex pheromone to attract the opposite sex, so they can be killed continuously.

4. Since it can continuously capture the surrounding blood-sucking female mosquitoes, it can effectively interrupt the breeding cycle of mosquito swarms in the surrounding space and achieve the effect of killing swarms of mosquitoes.

5. Using imported photocatalyst, the photocatalytic reaction can not only simulate human breath to attract mosquitoes, but also effectively kill various bacteria in the air, absorb and decompose various toxic and harmful gases, and purify the air.

6. The sealed mosquito storage box can prevent secondary pollution caused by the splashing of mosquito debris.

7. This product has a generous appearance, small and elegant, soft light, does not affect sleep, and can also be used as a night light.

Second, the use of skills and related methods

1. Insert the power plug into the power socket and connect the power to use. When not in use, cut off the power supply and pull out the power plug.

2. Put the mosquito killer on a table one meter above the ground, and it is better to use it when no one is there.

3. Before cleaning the mosquito storage room, you should unplug the power cord first, then remove the mosquito storage room, clean up the indoor slag, and re-install it and turn it to tighten.

4. For use at home, as long as the mosquito control time is arranged a few hours before going to bed, people can leave temporarily. When it's time to go to sleep, the mosquitoes are basically cleared and can be turned off or moved to another room. If there is a lot of indoor furniture, the mosquitoes that hide in the room will be dispatched at different times, and the mosquito eradication time may be longer.

5. When using in offices, business places or outdoors, the mosquito killer can be turned on in the evening. Mosquitoes can be basically eliminated by turning off the lights to trap and kill them overnight.

6. Do not unplug the power supply immediately after catching mosquitoes, and let the fan continue to run until the mosquitoes are dehydrated and air-dried to death.

7. When killing flies, you can put attractants such as candy in the storage room, and use light and smell to trap and inhale to kill them.

Third, safety precautions

1. When cleaning the mosquito storage room, unplug the power plug first, and do not operate with electricity.

2. Do not put your hands into the machine or fiddle with the machine when the product is working, so as to avoid the fan from scratching your fingers or other accidents.

3. Do not move or fiddle with the machine with electricity to avoid accidents.

4. Do not use it in places with strong ultraviolet rays, strong fluorescent lamps, and places where babies can reach.

5. If you find a product quality problem, you should contact the local dealer, and do not dismantle and repair it privately.