What is photocatalyst mosquito killer lamp

Summary:The photocatalytic mosquito killer is an environmentally friendly and efficient mosquito killer that has been researched...
The photocatalytic mosquito killer is an environmentally friendly and efficient mosquito killer that has been researched and developed for many years. The trapping lamp has a wavelength of 360-380 nanometers, which is harmless to the human body. Moreover, the photocatalytic reaction can also purify the air, effectively kill various bacteria in the air, and absorb various harmful gases. It has the same killing effect on flies and moths, and its overall performance is not comparable to other mosquito killers. Its major feature is that it can continue to kill blood-sucking female mosquitoes in the same space, thereby effectively interrupting the breeding cycle of mosquito groups in a large area around the space, and achieving the effect of killing mosquitoes and flies in groups.

The working principle of photocatalyst mosquito killer lamp:

Carbon dioxide exhaled by humans has been scientifically proven to be the only substance that attracts mosquitoes to the human body. Photocatalyst mosquito killer, it can generate light, heat, carbon dioxide, water vapor, and flowing air that mosquitoes like when working, simulate human breathing to attract mosquitoes, attract mosquitoes away from you, and fall into the mosquito-catching cyclone, Dehydrated and air-dried to death. Photocatalyst can also purify the air and sterilize.

Advantages of Photocatalyst Mosquito Killer Lamp:

1. It adopts comprehensive technologies such as human breath trapping, ultraviolet light trapping, airflow trapping, etc., the trapping method is perfect, and the trapping effect is good.

2. Mosquitoes are sucked into the mosquito storage room by the airflow, and then dehydrated and air-dried to death. There is no "pop" sound during electric shock, and there is no high-voltage electricity, which is safe and quiet.

3. The trapped live mosquitoes will release chemical signals or sexual information to attract the opposite sex to move closer, so they can be trapped and killed continuously.

4. Because it can continuously catch the surrounding blood-sucking female mosquitoes, it can effectively interrupt the breeding period of the mosquito swarm in the surrounding space, thereby achieving the effect of killing swarms of mosquitoes.

5. Using imported photocatalytic enzyme, the photocatalytic reaction can not only simulate the human body's breath to attract mosquitoes, but also can effectively kill various bacteria in the air, absorb and decompose various harmful indoor gases such as formaldehyde, effectively remove decoration pollution, and purify The role of fresh air.

6. The photocatalyst lamp has a service life of more than 10,000 hours. Generally, it can be replaced once a year.