What product does the high-pressure steam cleaner belong to

Summary:1、 What product does the high-pressure steam cleaner belong toHigh pressure steam cleaner generates steam through high t...
1、 What product does the high-pressure steam cleaner belong to
High pressure steam cleaner generates steam through high temperature and high pressure. The steam generated under high temperature can kill most bacteria and viruses. It is a good disinfection assistant at home or in the factory. Many people want to do this business. They want to know what kind of product the high pressure steam cleaner belongs to?
High pressure steam cleaner belongs to mechanical and electrical equipment, also known as cleaning equipment. It is a cleaning equipment that uses the high temperature and external high pressure of saturated steam to clean the oil stains and dirt on the surface of parts and vaporize them. It can also clean any small gaps and holes, strip and remove oil stains and residues, meet the requirements of high efficiency, water saving, cleanliness, dryness and low cost, and replace expensive dry ice cleaning.
2、 What's wrong with cleaning the air conditioner with high-pressure steam cleaner
High pressure steam cleaner cleaning air conditioner has no effect on the air conditioner. Steam cleaning can quickly remove grease and dirt deposited on the surface of objects. Regular steam cleaning can effectively eliminate various pathogens and avoid the generation of fungi and molds.
The specific cleaning steps are:
1. Before cleaning, check whether the air conditioner operates normally, and then turn off the power.
2. Remove the shell and panel of the air conditioner according to the instructions, and take out the filter screen.
3. Spray the air conditioner cleaning agent on the cleaned fins with a spray can, and let it react for 5-8 minutes to thoroughly penetrate, decompose and remove the dirt in the fin gaps and surfaces.
4. Use a high-pressure steam cleaner to sterilize and disinfect the cleaned fins at high temperature and decompose oil stains.
5. Finally, install the casing and panel, replace the air conditioner to the original installation position, and start the machine for 20 minutes for inspection and acceptance.