Why Mosquito Killer Lamps Don't Work

Summary:Possible reasons why the mosquito killer lamp does not work1. The quality of the mosquito killer lamps purchased and use...
Possible reasons why the mosquito killer lamp does not work
1. The quality of the mosquito killer lamps purchased and used is not good. There are too many brands of mosquito killer lamps on the market, and some manufacturers of mosquito killer lamps may not even have complete qualifications. Therefore, many mosquito killer lamps on sale may not be of good quality, the effect of attracting mosquitoes is not good, and the effect of killing mosquitoes is not good.

In addition, there are many types of mosquito killer lamps. The mosquito killer lamps you buy may be more expensive, but they may not be practical. For example, in the living room and bedroom, it is suitable for using electronic mosquito killer lamps, USB charging or connecting to household mains electricity. For example, if used in a courtyard, a high-power outdoor solar mosquito killer is more suitable. The effect of small mosquito killer lamps in large areas is really not good.

2. The mosquito killer lamp is out of order, and you didn't notice it. For example, the mosquito killer lamp with LED purple light to attract mosquitoes, if the brightness of the purple light is not enough, the effect of attracting mosquitoes will not be good, and the effect of killing mosquitoes will not be guaranteed. Led mosquito killer lamps generally have lamp beads. Pay attention to see if all the mosquito trap lamp beads are on and whether the brightness is dim. If it is a scent trap, is the mosquito trap gone? Sticky mosquito killer lamp, should the sticky board be replaced?

In addition, some mosquito killing lamps may be that the mosquito trap is working, and the mosquito killing grid or suction fan is not working, so that the mosquito killing lamp cannot catch mosquitoes.

3. The wrong way to use the mosquito killer lamp makes you feel that the mosquito killer lamp is not working. I have introduced this in detail in the previous article, you can click on the "Correct Use Method of Indoor Mosquito Killer" at the end of the article to view it. Here to talk about the use of outdoor solar mosquito killer lamp. The outdoor solar-powered mosquito killer lamp is charged by sunlight, and has a power switch and a mosquito killer function switch. Many users only found out that the switch of the mosquito killer lamp was not turned on under the guidance of Shangke customer service during use. Isn't it embarrassing? Outdoor mosquito killer lamps are generally used in courtyards and gardens, and the power switch may be turned off inadvertently. The power was off, the mosquito killer would not charge, and of course it didn't work. In addition, after the power is turned off, the mosquito-attracting lamps will not light up at night, so how to attract and kill mosquitoes?