Introduction to the use of hand-held steam iron

Summary: As an indispensable electrical appliance in modern homes, irons have entered thousands of homes. There are steam-type a...
As an indispensable electrical appliance in modern homes, irons have entered thousands of homes. There are steam-type and temperature-regulating electric irons. These two types of irons have their own characteristics. Among them, steam irons are easier to use. , Easy to operate, has become the first choice of many people, but everyone is not very clear about the use of irons. The content on the manual is relatively concise. In order to satisfy everyone’s needs, today I will share with you the use of steam irons and hand-held steam irons. method.
After the hand-held steam iron is filled with water and energized, the heater used in the inner core of the iron vaporizes the normal temperature water into high temperature (generally above 98 degrees), high pressure water vapor, and releases the hot water vapor through the steam pipe and nozzle. In use, just aim at the folds of the clothes and spray them together with the trouser clips, brushes, dusting brushes, ironing liners and other accessories of the garment ironing machine, and smooth them through the actions of "pulling", "pressing" and "spraying". Clothes and fabrics make the clothes smooth, supple and have the effect of removing mites, bacteria and dust.
1. Before ironing, make sure that there is enough water in the hanging steam iron, and make sure that the water tank is installed in place, and then turn on the power to preheat. When the indicator light of the hanging steam iron is on, you can press the switch to start ironing.
2. Start ironing from the main part of the clothes first, pull the hem of the clothes lightly with your hands, try to flatten the wrinkles, use the high-temperature steam of the hanging steam iron to iron the wrinkled fibers, and be careful of burns during use.
3. Place the nozzle of the hanging steam iron close to the clothes, gently press down, and then drag the nozzle up and down. Note that the moving speed should not be too fast, so that the steam can fully penetrate into the fiber and be shaped by high temperature.
4. When ironing the collar, you can turn it back, hold the corner of the collar with your hand, use the nozzle of the hanging steam iron to press down slightly and move in parallel, pull it properly, and press it back and forth. Pay attention to the hot steam when using it to prevent scalding.
5. When ironing sleeves, straighten the sleeves a little bit harder, and the steam jet will press and scald the hem of the sleeves back and forth. Be careful not to burn directly while wearing clothes, it is easy to burn.
6. When ironing the hem of clothes, pull one side of the clothes, use the telescopic rod to flatten the hem, and move the ironing brush head horizontally. After ironing the front side, rotate the hanger and iron the back side.
The above is a summary of the hand-held steam iron use skills for everyone, I hope it will be helpful to everyone. Hand-held steam irons are also called garment irons. They are a new type of iron that is different from traditional irons. This type of iron can prevent the ironed clothes from pressing marks and keep the clothes in their original shape and look like new.