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With the improvement of people's living standards, the […]

With the improvement of people's living standards, the types of home appliances are becoming more and more abundant, and life is becoming more and more intelligent, making life more convenient and faster. Almost every household will use home appliances more or less, from expensive to cheap. Mr. Zero Zero, today I will introduce some of the most useful household appliances for your reference. The longer you live, the more expensive these 10 appliances are, but they are super easy to use!

1. Water purifier. Nowadays, environmental pollution is getting more and more serious, especially water pollution. If you are worried about the health of your family, you can buy a water purifier at home. The water purifier can effectively filter the toxic substances in the water. To protect the health of family members; 2. Kitchen waste disposer, we produce a lot of garbage every day. It is very troublesome to clean up the garbage every day. It is necessary to sort it and throw it into the garbage disposal office downstairs, but if there is a kitchen The remaining garbage disposer is much more convenient. Dump the generated domestic garbage directly into the disposer, and then adjust and mix the garbage directly into the sewer. The family will not be afraid of the smell of garbage, and there will be no breeding of bacteria or rats. And cockroaches will not come.

3. The mite removal instrument, suitable indoor temperature provides a breeding ground for many bacteria, especially when we sleep in bed, we spend the longest time in bed, although bed sheets, quilts and other beddings are regularly cleaned, it is still difficult to stop The pace of the spread of bacteria, you can try to use the anti-mite agent once in the bed, this effect will definitely scare your chin; 4. Rice cookers, needless to say, I believe that almost every family will prepare them. Now the rice cooker has become a necessity in the family. It is used very frequently and needs to be used almost every day. It is very convenient to cook porridge and rice, so we can’t do without it. However, when choosing a rice cooker, we must choose a big brand. Although some ordinary rice cookers seem to be cheap, they are too expensive. It will stick to the rice cooker after a while.

5. Dishwasher. Many families may argue about who washes the dishes today. In order to avoid this kind of dispute, the dishwasher comes in handy. It does not take too much time to wash the dishes. They are all handed over to the dishwasher to wash the dishes. The machine is also very energy-saving and will not cause too much pollution to the environment; 6. Air purifiers, in the past, we used window ventilation to solve the problem of poor indoor air quality, but in recent years, the air quality has become worse and worse, especially in autumn and winter. The whole city is shrouded in smog, and the outdoor air quality is not optimistic. If there are elderly and children in the family, they are likely to suffer from respiratory diseases due to insufficient immunity. At this time, the role of air purifiers is particularly important-purifying the air , Looking for a piece of pure land indoors.

7. Thermoelectric kettles. Old friends all know that electric kettles are very convenient for our lives. For example, when we need hot water, the kettle can provide hot water for the first time, and the boiling speed is very fast. It is very convenient to use, a small and exquisite Kettle plays an important role in our lives. However, it is recommended that you must look for qualified products when purchasing, otherwise it will affect your health; 8. Humidifier, the winter in the north is long and cold, and the room is very cold. It’s hot. I can see bloodshot eyes when I blow my nose for a night in a heated room. The weather is dry and hot. Even if it’s not in the north, the air-conditioned room is very dry, whether it’s hot summer or cold winter. Humidifier, can make the air humid.

9. Lengba, we know that staying in the kitchen for a long time in summer is a kind of torture. The kitchen cannot be equipped with air conditioners. When we cook, the air around us is very hot. Every time we cook, our whole body is sweaty. People don't want to cook, so at this time, we might as well install a cooler in the kitchen, which can lower the temperature of the kitchen, and have a good mood when cooking, and its price is cheaper than air conditioning, which is the first choice for the kitchen. 10. Clothes dryers. People who live in Guangdong and Guangxi for a long time should realize the importance of dryers. It rains 365 days a year, almost 300 days a year, 365 days a year, almost 300 days there will be rain, the air in Guangdong and Guangxi It’s very humid. When I return to the southern sky from March to May, it is even more maddening. I can only face the wet panties and underwear on the clothesline. I want to cry without tears. With a clothes dryer, I can’t dry it in time. Your clothes will become dry, fluffy, and soft in ten minutes. Some dryers have sterilization effects, so don’t be too intimate.

The above are the good things I have experienced through hundreds of wars and ninety-nine and eighty-one appliances. As for whether to chop your hands, you have to ask your wallet whether you agree or disagree. After all, you have to pay for what you want. The corresponding price, money or energy, of course, you don't have to buy them all, to measure whether their use is matched with your own living habits, because the best for you is the best, and everything is the same.steam cleaner

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