Is it appropriate to prepare a steam cleaner at home?


Is it appropriate to prepare a steam cleaner at home? I […]

Is it appropriate to prepare a steam cleaner at home? Is the high temperature steam cleaner easy to use? The answer to this question can be two-sided. Some people say it is easy to use, and feel that it is more environmentally friendly and more energy-efficient than cold water washing machines; some people say that the cleaning effect is average and not easy to use, so this is really not more accurate. s answer.

Is the high temperature steam cleaner practical? The steam cleaner is of course easy to use. The high-temperature steam cleaner uses high-temperature, high-pressure steam with a certain impact force to clean. Use a high-temperature steam cleaner to clean our floor tiles and crevices, door and window surfaces and crevices, oil from range hoods, dust from air conditioners, microwave ovens, sanitary ware, etc. The effect is very good, and it also has the surface while cleaning stains. Sterilizing effect. It can prevent allergies, eliminate stubborn stains, oil stains and sanitary dead spots. Moreover, the high-temperature steam will not damage the items we clean.

High-temperature steam cleaners use high-temperature steam cleaning fluid, which is sprayed out at high speed for indoor cleaning. The high-temperature steam cleaner is more convenient to use. It only takes a short time to spray strong steam for cleaning, sterilization and odor removal. And the current high-temperature steam cleaner is also very safe in terms of safety, because it is in use. Water can be added anytime and anywhere, and there is no need to wait for the water vapor in the high-temperature steam cleaner to cool down before the water addition operation, which effectively ensures safety, and also allows continuous cleaning work to save time. And for some sanitary corners that we can't clean with conventional cleaning methods, the high-temperature steam cleaner can clean them effortlessly. It is really good to have a high-temperature steam cleaner at home.

As far as the real situation is concerned, the cleaning effect of the high-temperature steam cleaner is better for some places, but for other places, the effect is not so good. For those stubborn stains, the decontamination effect is not ideal. It still needs to be removed manually, and there is no way to rely on the impact of steam. Moreover, it is more troublesome to use a high-temperature steam cleaner. Each time you add water, you must wait until the hot air is exhausted, otherwise it is not safe, so it is relatively time-consuming.

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