Precautions for electric irons


     Electric iron is a high-power electrical appl […]


   Electric iron is a high-power electrical appliance. Things to pay attention to when using an electric iron:

   1. The power supply of the iron must use a three-phase plug, and it must have a grounding or zero protection device.

   2. Since electric irons have at least 300 watts of power, a thicker wire must be used to connect the iron to ensure sufficient capacity. 3. The household electric meter must have sufficient capacity. Generally, a 300 watt electric iron needs a 2.5 amp meter, a 500 watt electric iron needs a 3 amp meter, a 750 watt electric iron needs a 5 amp meter, and a 1000 watt electric iron. The iron needs a 10-amp meter.

   4. When using the interval, place an electric iron upright, or place it on thermal insulation materials such as iron blocks, ceramics, etc., so as not to ignite objects.

   5. When storing, please protect the iron cable to prevent breakage and leakage.

  6. ​​When using, keep children away from it to prevent them from touching and scalding.

  7. After using up, wait for the iron to cool down before storing.

  8 The steam iron has a drip switch on the front of the handle. Press once to drop the water onto the iron plate. When the temperature is high enough, the water evaporates into steam and sprays out from the bottom hole. If the iron plate temperature is too low, the water cannot evaporate and cause water leakage. Press again to turn off the water and it will not leak.

   cleaning method

   1. Clean the iron until it cools down completely. You can wipe it with a soft damp cloth. If the clothes are burnt and stick to the bottom plate, they should not be scraped off forcibly to avoid damage to the coating. You can use cuttlefish bones to remove the burnt adhesion. 2. The iron must be fully cooled before being put away after use. During storage, it is best to stand upright in order to avoid damage to the coating.

  3. When storing and not using, turn the temperature knob to the lowest for the temperature-regulating steam iron, and turn the steam knob to the dry ironing position, which means there is no steam.

   4. The power cord should not be rolled too tightly to avoid damage to the core wire.

5. After using the steam iron for a period of time, if white powder appears in the spray hole, you can pour it into the iron with water added with white vinegar. After heating for 10 minutes, turn off the power, shake the iron for cleaning, then pour it out and rinse with water. All over.Wholesale Patio Heaters Suppliers

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