That Will Cut Your Cleaning Time in Half

Summary: If you want to minimize the time and effort it takes to complete one of the most dreaded chores known to man—yes, mopp...
If you want to minimize the time and effort it takes to complete one of the most dreaded chores known to man—yes, mopping—then you should consider adding a steam mop to your collection of cleaning supplies, pronto. We're not exaggerating about the 'most dreaded chore' part; a 2018 survey reported that 20 percent of Americans have listed mopping as the bane of their household jobs list.
There's certainly a lot to miss from the days of yore, but having to get on your hands and knees to scrub the floors definitely isn't one of them. Thankfully, modern technology advancements in home appliances have made the cleaning game easier. Although you might not be jumping for joy at the thought of cleaning your floors, a good steam mop is guaranteed to change the way you view this task forever.
Benefits of a Steam Mop
With all the benefits a steam mop can provide, chances are, you'll never want to go back to a regular old mop and bucket after you give it a try. Once you fill a regular bucket with hot water, it immediately starts getting cold and losing its disinfecting and sanitizing properties—not to mention, it often gets dirty after the first mop rinse. A steam mop, on the other hand, retains its heat, so it always stays at the optimal temperature to disinfect floors. Thanks to this, you'll never have to use harsh chemicals with overpowering scents—which aren't ideal for use around kids, pets, or anyone with allergies—to make sure your floors are as clean as possible.
Another plus is that the high temperatures a steam mop reaches lift tough stains without requiring extra scrubbing, providing a deep clean for even the yuckiest of bathroom floors. It also gets them spick and span in a fraction of the time because it eliminates the need to stop, re-soak, strain, scrub, and repeat. With a trusty steam mop in hand, you just pass over the whole floor once, and voila.
And since floors dry pretty much instantaneously with a steam mop, you won't have to wait eons before you can walk on the freshly cleaned floor. You'll never need to empty out grimy mop water, either, which equals less contact with dirt all around!
How to Use a Steam Mop
Although the instructions may vary slightly from model to model, using a steam mop is super-easy. Just fill up the steam tank with water, replace the mop cloth—available in disposable, or the more eco- and pocket-friendly reusable wipes—plug it in, and you're good to go. Scrubbing is limited to extremely stubborn, stuck-on stains, but if anything can get rid of those, it's a good steam mop.