The benefits of using steam cleaners at home


 With the improvement of people's living standards and […]

 With the improvement of people's living standards and quality, there are higher requirements for the quality of living environment, and a new cleaning tool, a good helper for housewives, comes into being a steam cleaner. The steam cleaner uses high temperature and high pressure steam to clean the floor, doors, windows and clothes, range hoods, air conditioners, microwave ovens, and sanitary ware for surface sterilization, removing dust and bacteria, and environmental protection. Can prevent allergies and eliminate stubborn stains and oil stains. No chemical reagents are needed, and there is almost zero damage to cleaning items. When people enjoy the scientific and sanitary environment, they will not cause secondary pollution to the environment.

The steam cleaner is a cleaning equipment that generates saturated steam and pressure. It is mainly used to clean all kinds of oil dirt. High-temperature steam can effectively penetrate into all levels of the object to be cleaned with almost no obstruction. At the same time, the high temperature of the steam can quickly dissolve the oil. , It has fast cleaning efficiency and low cost, which is very suitable for family use.

   The structure of the high-pressure steam cleaner is more complicated than other cleaners, because it adds a high-pressure pump supporting device that can generate high-pressure steam, so its manufacturing cost is relatively higher. This is complementary. This steam high-pressure cleaning equipment can clean the objects to be cleaned very clean, and the dirt is directly cleaned and evaporated without causing secondary pollution. And the use is very wide, many large factories and mines are equipped with this kind of multifunctional steam high-pressure cleaner, which effectively improves the quality and efficiency of high-pressure cleaning, and promotes the development of production and the improvement of economic benefits. In contrast, other general high-pressure pump cleaners, such as cold water cleaners, hot water cleaners, etc., cannot compare to high-pressure steam cleaners in performance and function. Because the cleaning efficiency and effect of general cleaning machines are not as good as steam cleaning machines, the economic benefits are also worse.


   1. Unscrew the helmet by pressing it counterclockwise from top to bottom

  2, add a measuring cup of water

  3. Turn the safety helmet clockwise (if you press it until the safety helmet is idling, please press it down, and then tighten it after hearing the "click")

   4. Assemble accessories as needed

   5. Connect the power plug, and the power indicator will light up. After waiting for 2-5 minutes, press and hold the steam injection button, and you can use it after the steam is ejected!


   1. It is strictly forbidden to add any chemicals such as detergent, and only use ordinary water.

  2. Do not fill the water too full when using it, because there is a pressure relief valve on the cover, and if the water is too full, it will overflow from the hole of the pressure relief valve.

  3. Add water during use and pour water after use: When opening the lid, be sure to blow up the steam inside, be sure to beat it several times, and then slowly open the lid.

  4. Don't pull it down when you change your head. Be sure to screw it down first.

   5. After cleaning, please leave the cleaner for a period of time, let its body cool down, and then pour out the remaining water, which will help protect the heater.

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