The steam cleaner has so many functions, you must not have thought


Our steam cleaner has many potential applications In ad […]

Our steam cleaner has many potential applications

In addition to cleaning, they also provide excellent ironing and fabric care properties. Here, you can find many potential applications of steam, and you will be surprised by so many applications.

Clean tile floors

For intermediate cleaning and post cleaning, please use a folded rag to tightly cover the floor nozzle. You can also use microfiber wipes (special accessories) to achieve thorough cleaning.

Move the spray head back and forth quickly after releasing the steam, you don't have to keep releasing the steam. In order to clean the slit, you must not only spray the nozzle to the right angle, but also make it diagonal to the slit.

Vacuum cleaning:

We recommend vacuuming the floor before steam cleaning. Use it only after confirming that the laminate floor has been professionally laid and glued.

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Clean laminate flooring

You can clean laminate floors or painted parquet floors with half the amount of steam (do not apply oil or wax!). The amount of steam can be adjusted on the steam spray gun. Use two rags (=4 layers) so that only a small amount of steam will directly contact the cleaning area. Do not spray steam at a point for too long, so that the floor will not be too wet. A small amount of residual moisture will dry up quickly and will not leave streaks.


We recommend vacuuming the floor before steam cleaning. Use it only after confirming that the laminate floor has been professionally laid and glued.

Clean bathroom and toilet

Immediately new as before: for cleaning wall tiles, glass, mirrors, joints, slits and narrow gaps.

Lime and soap residue

Use a rough cloth (microfiber bathroom cloth set) to easily clean even the most stubborn limescale and soap residue.

Cleaning accessories

Only use fine nozzles to avoid scratching chrome or stainless steel fittings. Move the nozzle close to the object to be cleaned and wait until the scale decomposes. If it still cannot be removed, or there are stains, a brush can be installed on the nozzle. Clean the area when using powerful explosive steam. Clean the accessories.

If grease has been around for a long time, fixed washing and pressure washing are the only solutions. In such cleaning, always cooperate with steam for cleaning. Grease will slowly accumulate on the rag. Therefore, the rag needs to be replaced from time to time. In order to achieve a streak-free cleaning effect, use a yellow microfiber cloth to polish the cleaned surface after cleaning.

Using direct steam and vigorous wiping can remove even stubborn and dry dirt. Thicker scale residues should be soaked in vinegar or lemon juice first to dissolve the scale. Most importantly, regular steam cleaning can prevent scale formation.

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