This Steam Cleaner Removes Stained Grout ‘Like a Dream’

Summary: Tackling tough, sticky messes in your home typically calls for a designated cleaning day filled with scrubbing, brushi...
Tackling tough, sticky messes in your home typically calls for a designated cleaning day filled with scrubbing, brushing, and sweating. We’ve all experienced the struggle, and that’s why thousands of Amazon shoppers are breaking up their old toothbrushes — a.k.a. their former surface and grout cleaner. Instead, they’re upgrading big time with the Steam Cleaner that “blasts away” stuck-on-there messes with just one button and a towel swipe.
Shoppers love to clean with it throughout their whole home, but many especially like to use it in the bathroom. Tubs and tile are some of the toughest surfaces to clean, but they’re no match. With a push of the trigger button, the device releases hot steam that loosens up tough-to-remove dirt and grime on impact.
Not to mention, the heat sanitizes heavily touched hard surfaces to get rid of up to 99.9 percent of hidden germs and bacteria in your home. It’s just another reason why shoppers are buying it in as we continue to battle the COVID-19 pandemic. All you have to do is pour water in the spout and watch it do its thing. Shoppers say the second part is easy: Wipe with a cloth towel and see the sparkling results.
And for anyone who has a complicated relationship with grout, cleaning it can feel pointless thanks to stubborn stains embedded in the gap. However, more than 7,300 Amazon shoppers are literally obsessed with how well the Bissell steam cleaner works — particularly on stained tile settings, saying it actually “cleaned grout like a dream.”
The steam cleaner uses 1,000 watts of high-pressure power to blast away grease and muck, but the 10 durable attachments double down on cleaning, so you don’t have to do the scrubbing. The grout cleaner brushes away stains in tile gaps, the flat scraper works well on crusty food residue in the oven, the window cleaner squeegees shower doors and windows, and the angle concentrator cleans out-of-reach spots. It also comes with a cloth attachment to steam clothes. Talk about a multi-use cleaning tool!
“Let me tell you, this thing is perfect for deep cleaning,” writes one Amazon shopper. “As soon as I got it, I cleaned my kitchen — all of my big and small appliances and the backsplash, counters, cabinets, and baseboards. And I'm now obsessed! It perfectly loosened the nasty gunk so I could wipe it away with a microfiber towel. This thing is gold.”
“Finally, something that really cleans grout!” writes another. “I’ve tried every possible chemical and heavy duty brush that attaches to a power drill. This steam cleaner is the only thing that has worked! In my shower, there was black mold where water didn’t drain. I’ve scrubbed, used cleaners — everything, and it wouldn’t go away. I steamed it right off.”