What's the Best Patio Heater Option?

Summary: Gas Patio Heater vs. Electric Patio Heater: The first decision in choosing a patio heater depends on whether you prefer...
Gas Patio Heater vs. Electric Patio Heater:
The first decision in choosing a patio heater depends on whether you prefer an electric heater or a gas heater – either LPG (propane) or NG (natural gas).
LPG heaters offer the greatest versatility in outdoor locations, as they are self-contained with their own concealed onboard propane tank, and therefore relatively portable. Natural gas heaters must be connected by plumbing to a gas supply (usually a public utility), so you will need to choose one or more permanent locations for your heater or heaters. (A natural gas heater can be disconnected for seasonal storage, but moving it to a new area will require relocation of plumbing lines.) If your home or business is already plumbed for natural gas, it may be an easy choice to hire a gas plumber to run an extension to wherever you want to operate a heater, since a hard-lined fuel source does avoid the logistics of small refillable tanks.
However, neither LPG nor NG heaters should be used indoors or in any area lacking adequate ventilation due to the carbon monoxide byproduct of burning fuel. If you have an non-climate-controlled but semi-enclosed space like a sunroom, workshop or garage, consider electric heating options, which are completely fume-free and safe for indoor use. Electric patio heaters are also inexpensive to operate since they run on standard household electrical current.
What’s the warmest heater option?
Heaters can be difficult to compare directly, since ultimately, the perceived warmth generated by a heater can be influenced by the design of the appliance (including heating unit height and reflector size) as well as the type of heating element.
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