Why Use Dry Steam Vapor Over Other Methods?


Dry steam vapor offers multiple advantages when used on […]

Dry steam vapor offers multiple advantages when used on carpets.

Easy to use. Using a vapor system is very similar to vacuuming. Clip a terry towel to the large floor brush, then move it over the carpet just a little slower than vacuuming in two directions to make sure you get both sides of the fiber.

Relaxes and lifts carpet fibers. Similar to ironing, dry steam vapor raises crushed fibers and removes pathways and furniture dents. No more indents from the ghosts of couch placement past.
Cleans, deodorizes, and sanitizes in one step. The steam helps bring the heat deep into the carpet pile, where it releases soil, removes odors, and kills bacteria.

Kills small pests and denatures allergens. The heat from the steam kills dust mites, fleas, and other small pests, along with their eggs and larvae.

No chemicals involved. The steam vapor system itself only uses water in this process, so you don't have to worry about any chemical residue affecting your air quality or getting in contact with your pets or small crawling humans.

Removes static charge from hair. The dry steam takes the static electricity out of both pet and human hair so that the vacuum can easily remove it. Dry steam is great for pets in general, helping remove hair as well as odors and sanitizing the residue from any indoor accidents.

Dries quickly. Because of the high temperatures and low humidity of the steam, the carpet dries quickly afterward.

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