Does the led UV mosquito killer have radiation

Summary:Nowadays, more and more people have abandoned the original mosquito coils or mosquito repellants for their health, and r...
Nowadays, more and more people have abandoned the original mosquito coils or mosquito repellants for their health, and replaced them with more environmentally friendly mosquito killer lamps. Whether it is a solar mosquito lamp or an AC mosquito lamp, the principle of attracting mosquitoes is carried out by the violet light in the 365nm band. Therefore, many people will have doubts when they see the purple light of the mosquito killer: Will the LED UV mosquito killer emit radiation that is harmful to the human body?

First of all, ultraviolet rays do have radiation to the human body that can cause harm, which has been proven. As a brand manufacturer of mosquito killer lamps, Shangke naturally knows this scientific common sense, so it has noticed and taken measures in the product development stage.

Secondly, the violet radiation of mosquito killer lamps is very small, and they are all outdoor mosquito killer lamps, which can be ignored. Whether radiation does harm to the human body depends on two conditions: one is the existence of radiation, and the other is whether people are exposed to radiation. Mosquito killer lamps attract mosquitoes with purple light, which does produce radiation. However, the violet LED of the mosquito killer lamp is only about 1 watt, the power is very small, and the radiation generated is also very small. In addition, Shangke mosquito killer lamps are all placed for outdoor use. They are outdoor mosquito killer lamps and only turn on purple light at night, which determines that it is difficult for ordinary people to come into contact with the purple light of radiant mosquito killer lamps. Strong radiation will cause lesions once exposed to it; weak radiation, only long-term exposure will cause lesions. Therefore, the mosquito killer lamp can generate radiation, but its use time and place of use determine that it has little harm to people and can be ignored.

For example: mobile phones, computers, etc. have radiation, we are exposed to it almost every day, and there is no harm, right? The radiation of mosquito lamp is much smaller than that of computer.

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