Home Mosquito Killer Lamp Can't Catch Mosquitoes

Summary:Nowadays, many people have mosquito killer lamps in their homes, commonly known as mosquito killers. Before buying, I th...
Nowadays, many people have mosquito killer lamps in their homes, commonly known as mosquito killers. Before buying, I thought that with the mosquito killer lamp, you can sit back and relax without being infested by mosquitoes. However, in use, it was found that the mosquito killer lamp at home was ineffective, and the mosquito killer lamp could not catch mosquitoes. Next, Suzhou Shangke New Energy Co., Ltd. will analyze the reasons why the mosquito killer lamp at home cannot catch mosquitoes.

Reason 1: The use time is wrong, and it is difficult to catch mosquitoes during the day.
If you use mosquito killer lamps during the day, it is difficult to catch mosquitoes. This Suzhou Shangke has been introduced in detail in previous articles. If you need it, you can click to view it yourself. To put it simply, there are two points. First, mosquitoes are almost inactive during the day and rarely appear. Second, the mosquito killer lamp does not work during the day.

Reason 2: Go to bed at night and turn on the mosquito killer to catch mosquitoes.
Almost everyone buys mosquito killer lamps to catch mosquitoes at night, and sleeps with the mosquito killer lamps on, thinking that the mosquito killer lamps can automatically catch mosquitoes. Just like sleeping with the air conditioner on, the indoor temperature can be maintained at a constant temperature. This is a misunderstanding. Household indoor mosquito killer lamps cannot be used in the same room with people, otherwise there will only be an embarrassing situation where the mosquito killer lamps are turned on and the body is still bitten by mosquitoes. why is it like this? The mosquito killer lamp is designed by using the sensitivity of mosquitoes to ultraviolet light, and attracts mosquitoes to fly through the LED purple light. However, according to scientific research, the biggest characteristics of mosquitoes should be "tadtaxis" and "thermotaxis". This means that mosquitoes like the carbon dioxide and temperature exhaled by the human body more than they like ultraviolet light. Even the indoor mosquito killer lamp that simulates human body temperature is not more popular in front of real people.

Reason 3: The mosquito killer lamp does not work, such as no electricity, or broken.
Household mosquito killer lamps have solar energy and need to be charged regularly. If there is no electricity, the mosquito killer lamps will definitely not work and will not catch mosquitoes. Most household mosquito killer lamps are connected to electricity and can work when plugged in. However, pay attention to see if the work indicator of the mosquito killer lamp is on. If it is not on, it means that the mosquito killer lamp is out of order.

Reason 4: Psychological illusions lead to the ineffectiveness of mosquito killer lamps.
Mosquitoes like a dark and humid environment. If the home is always clean and hygienic, there is no stagnant water, and attention is paid to ventilation, then there will be no mosquitoes in the house itself. Therefore, in this environment, no matter how efficient the mosquito killer lamp is, it cannot catch mosquitoes, right? Many people think that the mosquito killer is ineffective when they see that there are no dead mosquitoes in the mosquito killer, but they ignore the fact that there are fewer mosquitoes in the home. Try putting the mosquito killer outdoors, and you will definitely gain a lot.

The reasons why household mosquito killer lamps cannot catch mosquitoes are almost the same as the above four points. It is recommended that you check them. As a manufacturer of outdoor mosquito killer lamps, Suzhou Shangke specializes in outdoor mosquito killer lamps, useful outdoor mosquito killer lamps, solar-powered mosquito killer lamps and AC mosquito killer lamps. Invalid refunds. If you have a lot of mosquitoes in your yard or flower room, then use an outdoor mosquito killing lamp to ensure the effective mosquito killing effect.