Electric iron cleaning method and selection skills

Summary:1. The electric iron should be cleaned after it has completely cooled down, and it can be scrubbed with a soft damp clot...

1. The electric iron should be cleaned after it has completely cooled down, and it can be scrubbed with a soft damp cloth. If the clothing charring sticks to the bottom plate, it cannot be forcibly scraped off to avoid damaging the plating layer, you can use the cuttlefish bone to erase the charred adhesive;

2. The iron must be fully cooled before being used up. When stored, in order to avoid plating damage, it is best to stand it upright;

3. When not in use, the temperature-adjustable steam iron should turn the temperature knob to the minimum, and turn the steam knob to dry ironing, that is, the position without steam;

4. The power cord should not be over-tightened, so as not to damage the core wire;

5. After the steam iron is used for a period of time, if white powder appears in the steam injection hole, you can pour the water with white vinegar into the iron. After heating for 10 minutes, turn off the power, shake the iron for cleaning, then pour out and rinse it with clean water. Just pass it.

Tips for electric iron selection

1. Consider the load capacity of the household electricity meter, if the household electricity meter is 1.5A or 2.0A, a high-quality electric iron, the power should exceed 500W;

2. High-quality electric irons use rubber-insulated textile flexible wires, and poor ones often use plastic or PVC flexible wires, because such wires are easily burned by the hot bottom plate and cause electric shock. In addition, for high-quality electric irons, the cross-sectional area of ​​the power cord should be above 0.75mm2, and the rating of the plug should be above 10A;

3. The high-quality electric iron should be connected to the electric iron without short-circuit or open circuit. At the same time, you can touch the metal parts of the iron shell with the test pencil or the back of your hand. If there is no obvious flicker of the neon bubble of the test pencil or the feeling of tingling on the back of the hand, then Explain that the electric iron is relatively safe;

4. A high-quality electric iron should be comfortable to hold the handle lightly. There should be no scratches, rust or peeling on the bottom plate, and the positions of the buttons and knobs are clear. Pick up the iron and shake it gently, there is no looseness or abnormal noise;

5. Select the function and take a closer look at the appearance of the product. The bottom plate is flat and smooth, and there should be no spots or bubbles. Then check whether the knobs are flexible and whether the bottom plate and the cover are tightly connected. If possible, add water to test it Various functions should be reversed after adding water, and there should be no water leakage;

6. The choice of brand: The results of random inspection show that some manufacturers with good market reputation, high visibility, large production and sales volume, and strong professionalism have better product quality;

7. Selection of style: The ordinary type electric iron is simple in structure, cheap in price, and easy to maintain. The disadvantage is that it cannot automatically adjust the temperature. Inexperienced people use this type of electric iron, the quality of ironing is difficult to guarantee. The temperature adjustment type can automatically adjust the temperature, and the steam type can automatically adjust the temperature and spray water automatically, which is convenient and easy to use;

8. Material selection of soleplate: soleplate is the core component of electric iron. The cast iron bottom plate has high hardness, is not easy to grind, and the heat transfer performance can also meet the requirements. The aluminum alloy bottom plate has the advantages of good heat transfer and fast heating, and its disadvantages are light weight and low hardness. In general, cast iron should be selected The bottom plate is better.