Tips for using electric iron

Summary:1. Before ironing clothes, spray some toilet water on the cloth or absorbent paper, then pad under the ironing, so that ...

1. Before ironing clothes, spray some toilet water on the cloth or absorbent paper, then pad under the ironing, so that the fragrance of the clothes lasts;

2. Before ironing, stick the lace on the clothes first, and then use the tip of the iron to iron back and forth. At this time, the temperature must not be too high, especially the lace made of synthetic chemical fiber materials, the temperature will be burned if the temperature is slightly higher. After the initial application, turn the clothes over and iron them from the opposite side. The temperature can be adjusted slightly higher;

3. Slightly mix milk in the water to wash clothes, it will make the clothes shiny after ironing,

4. The embroidered parts of the embroidery should be ironed from the reverse side, with a clean cloth underlay and a layer of water cloth on top to iron;

5. Skirts with pleats should be patiently straightened one by one, and then flattened the whole ironing, the skirt can be ironed smooth and elegant, elegant and beautiful;

6. Cotton and linen fabrics should be ironed from the reverse side and then from the front side to maintain the original luster of the clothes;

7. When ironing braided fabrics and clothes with protrusions, you must first place a soft object, lay with a water cloth and then iron, follow the texture, do not press hard;

8. Silk products should be lightly ironed from the reverse side, do not spray water, otherwise, small wrinkles will be left after the spray is uneven;

9. When ironing rayon fabrics or nylon fabrics, the temperature must not be too high, otherwise the dyeing will be damaged, a little white spots will appear, and holes will be burned;

10. When ironing the tie, before washing, sew a circle of thread around the edge to avoid wrinkling after washing. After drying, wrap the tie in wet cloth and gently iron it, then cut a piece of tie with the hard paper shell and tie Paper blanks of the same size can be tucked into wet cloth and stacked with a tie, and then ironed again;

11. Wool garments are shrinkable. It is best to iron them from the back with a damp cloth, or spray the clothes wet and cover them with a thin cloth;

12. Leather clothes should be lined with oil paper wrapped in cloth. The temperature is low, and the iron can be moved back and forth to keep the leather surface smooth and bright.

Attention to the use of electric iron

The electric iron is a high-power appliance. Things to pay attention to when using the iron:

1. The power supply of the electric iron must use a three-phase plug, and must have a grounding or zero protection device;

2. Since the irons are at least 300 watts or more in power, thicker wires must be used to connect the irons to ensure sufficient capacity;

3. The household electric meter must have sufficient capacity. Generally, a 300-watt electric iron needs a 2.5-ampere electric meter, a 500-watt electric iron needs a 3-ampere electric meter, and a 750-watt electric iron needs a 5-ampere electric meter. The electric iron needs to be equipped with a 10 ampere electric meter;

4. When using the interval, the electric iron should be placed upright, or placed on insulating materials such as iron blocks, ceramics, etc., so as not to ignite the items;

5. Protect the connection wire of the electric iron during collection to prevent breaking and leakage;

6. When using, don't let the children approach to prevent the children from touching and burning

7. After use, wait for the electric iron to cool down before storing it;

8. The steam iron has a drip switch at the front of the handle. Press the drip once to the iron board. When the temperature is high enough, the water evaporates into steam and sprays out from the bottom hole. If the temperature of the iron board is too low, the water can not evaporate and form a leak. Press again Once the water is turned off, it will not leak.