Frequently asked questions about the installation and use of indoor fly killing lamps

Summary:1. Why is it good to install fly killer lights 2-3m away from the windows on the west wall?The west wall is easy to be e...
1. Why is it good to install fly killer lights 2-3m away from the windows on the west wall?

The west wall is easy to be exposed to the west, so the temperature of the west wall will be higher than other walls, and the ultraviolet rays that penetrate through the windows will also attract flying insects. All the fly killers installed this time will have a good effect.

 2. Why can't the fly killer be installed under strong light and windows?

The window is used to transmit sunlight, and sunlight also contains ultraviolet rays. Therefore, the fly killer is installed under the window, and it will be interfered by the ultraviolet rays of the sun, reducing the intensity of the fly killer's ultraviolet rays. The strong light in the room will also weaken the illumination of the fly killer, so it is recommended not to install it in these two places.

3. Why is the installation distance of the fly killer in the large bay area 15m?

This is based on the capture area of ​​the fly killer. Calculated according to the capture area of ​​industrial fly killers of 240㎡/set, 15.5m×15.5m=240.25㎡. The distance between the two sides of the fly killer can only be calculated as half the distance, 15.5÷2=7.75m, and the distance between the two lamps is 7.75m+7.75m=15.5m. There is a safe overlap distance of 0.5 meters, so as to ensure maximum pest safety.

4. Why can't the electric shock type fly killer be used?

(1) When the flies are electrocuted, the electric shock will generate electric shock waves, which will flush the broken fly body fragments out of the fly killer. Corpse fragments will fall on the ground, equipment, food containers, and food, causing secondary serious pollution;

(2) The body of the fly will carry a lot of bacteria, and the smashed fly body with a large number of bacteria falling into the air is much more harmful than the live fly.

5. Why should the fly killer be installed 2-3m away from the equipment or food container?

Within 2m is the most effective killing range of the fly killer, and the density of flying insects in this range will also be the highest. The higher the density, the greater the risk. According to the habits of flying insects, when they are attracted to the fly killer, they will wander and fly around for a while before they stick to the sticky paper. The risk of pest damage is also the greatest during this time period. Segments are continuous. Therefore, in order to ensure that our equipment and food are not damaged, it is best to keep the position of the fly zapper at a distance of 2-3m.

6. Why can't the fly killer be hung or installed on the same door or walkway facing the outside world?

This can easily attract flying insects indoors, increasing the risk of indoor pests.