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Electric Power Cleaning Spin Brush

Electric Power Cleaning Spin Brush

Model Number:VSC1312
Has an extension rod to clean hard to reach areas such as ceilings, upper walls, windows and more
Perfect for bathrooms where rust, hard water stains and grout can be cleaned quickly.
The head rotates 360 degrees.
Material: ABS, Silicone and aluminium
Ergonomic handle
Can be used in the household as well as by professionals.

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Batería Li battery
Potencia DC 3.7V 5W
Tiempo de recarga aproximadamente 4 horas
Tiempo de uso continuo aproximadamente 30-50 minutos
Material ABS, aluminio
Velocidad de rotación 300RPM
Accesorios  3 x cabezales de cepillo de         repuesto,
1 x cargador,
Tubos de extensión


Tamaño y embalaje del producto:

Tamaño del producto 1147x220x230mm
Tamaño del cartón 685x335x170mm