How outdoor mosquito killer lights work

Summary:Outdoor mosquito killer lamps are widely used and promoted to completely eliminate mosquitoes from the source and provid...
Outdoor mosquito killer lamps are widely used and promoted to completely eliminate mosquitoes from the source and provide a comfortable environment for people's outdoor activities. There are many types of popular outdoor mosquito killer lamps on the market, and different styles of products have different mosquito killing effects. Therefore, choose a suitable outdoor mosquito killer according to your own geographical environment. Today I want to introduce to you the working principles of three kinds of outdoor mosquito killer lamps:

 A strong attraction

At present, the relatively new type of outdoor mosquito killing lamp is in the form of air inhalation, and its working principle is to use an electric fan to force the mosquitoes into the machine. This outdoor mosquito killer is equipped with a powerful small fan inside the machine. Once mosquitoes approach the machine, they will be directly inhaled into the machine. The advantage of the airflow inhalation mosquito killing lamp is that the mosquito killing effect is remarkable during the operation, and the area is small, and the odor of burnt insect carcasses will not be produced. Note that the placement should avoid the air vent, and placing it in a place sheltered from the wind will maximize the mosquito-killing effect.

2. Bait and heat

This type of outdoor mosquito killer works by storing a bait, such as a trace element such as baking soda, in the tube. As the machine is running, the heat of the lamp itself will increase, and the bait smell will gradually be released. Its odor is similar to human body carbon dioxide, which makes mosquitoes mistaken for the odor emitted by the human body and approach the fuselage, and eventually they are electrocuted to death. At the same time, some mosquitoes are also attracted by the heat of the lamp itself, which is similar to human body temperature. Once it gets close to the fuselage, it will be electrocuted to death.

 3. Optical inducement

The working principle of the electronic outdoor mosquito killing lamp is based on optical attraction. According to the phototaxis of mosquitoes and the brightness of the lamp during operation, the mosquitoes are attracted to approach, causing them to be electrocuted immediately. Its special part is the professional mosquito trap lamp, which will have a strong attraction effect on different types of harmful flying insects, and then completely kill the mosquitoes by electric shock.

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