The principle of various mosquito killer lamps

Summary:The principle of mosquito killer lamp is divided into two parts: one is the principle of attracting mosquitoes, and the ...
The principle of mosquito killer lamp is divided into two parts: one is the principle of attracting mosquitoes, and the other is the principle of killing mosquitoes. Mosquitoes attract light and smell, which is the basis of the working principle of mosquito killer lamps. Most of the mosquito killer lamps on the market are developed based on the phototaxis of mosquitoes. To sum up, there are four main working principles of mosquito killer lamps:

 First, light waves attract mosquitoes, and power grids kill mosquitoes. The 365nm ultraviolet light band is used to attract mosquitoes in the area, which is why users like to call this type of mosquito killing lamp UV mosquito killing lamp. When the mosquito enters the light source, it touches the high-voltage power grid around the light source and is electrocuted to death.

The second is to attract mosquitoes with light waves and kill mosquitoes with sticky plates. The way of attracting mosquitoes is the same as the previous one, the difference is how to kill the mosquitoes later.

The third is light waves to attract mosquitoes and wind to kill mosquitoes. This type of mosquito killer also uses 365nm light wave technology to attract mosquitoes. When the mosquitoes are close to the light source, the built-in fan of the mosquito killer will suck the mosquitoes into a box specially designed to store mosquitoes, and dry the mosquitoes in a purely physical way.

The fourth is to imitate the characteristics of the human body to attract mosquitoes, and wind to kill mosquitoes. The mosquito killer developed according to this principle is called a photocatalytic mosquito trap. The photocatalytic mosquito trap is a mosquito-killing device that uses the integrated technology of light, smell and wind. The photocatalytic mosquito trap uses the most favorite ultraviolet light mosquito traps, 360-angle light, plus the lukewarm effect, which can attract mosquitoes and flies in any direction; through the photocatalytic reaction between the ultraviolet light mosquito traps and the photocatalyst, the release of Carbon dioxide and air flow, model the humid breath of carbon dioxide emitted by the human body, which induces mosquitoes to fly. Once the mosquitoes are sucked into the trap window, it is absolutely difficult to escape the strong vortex created by the fan, and they will be sucked by the fan to the bottom of the trap until they dry and die.

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