How to choose a steam cleaner

Summary:The steam cleaner, as the name suggests, is a small machine used to clean the home. It uses the high temperature of stea...
The steam cleaner, as the name suggests, is a small machine used to clean the home. It uses the high temperature of steam to act on the surface of items that need to be cleaned, so as to achieve the functions of cleaning, sterilization, and dust removal. Compared with other tools, it is more environmentally friendly and hygienic, and can remove more stubborn stains.

Steam cleaner purchase skills

1. Temperature: select high temperature, do not use if the steam temperature is too low. If the temperature is too low, it is difficult to decompose the stubborn oil stains. Moreover, high-temperature steam cleaning is clean and environmentally friendly, and can also be sterilized and disinfected.

2. Power: The pressure is too low to buy. Housekeeping cleaning machines include household cleaning, kitchens, toilets and other difficult-to-clean stains, oily smoke and other difficult-to-clean places. If the power is too low, the effect will not be good.

3. Material: The steam cleaner mainly uses high temperature and high pressure steam to clean the sundries, so when choosing the product, it must be noted that the product is made of super high temperature and high pressure materials. Reminder: When purchasing the generator of the steam cleaner, it is best to use aluminum alloy material. Aluminum alloy material can be used for a long time and has high safety.

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