Say goodbye to chemical pollution-household steam cleaners provide health protection

Summary:Steam cleaning has become the home cleaning choice because of its powerful ability to remove dirt and without the need f...
Steam cleaning has become the home cleaning choice because of its powerful ability to remove dirt and without the need for detergents. Steam cleaning has become a common cleaning method for restaurant kitchens and restoration workshops. For nearly 60 years, jet steam has been used to remove oil from automobile engines. However, despite its multiple functions, the working principle of steam is ignored by most people.

Three factors play an important role-the mechanical action of the steam injection, the high temperature of the steam injection, and the condensation effect of the steam particles when they come into contact with the surface.

The mechanical energy generated by the steam jet comes from the overpressure generated when the boiler temperature reaches 140 degrees Celsius. The jet is in contact with the surface to be cleaned at a speed of up to 50 meters per second (180 km/h), thereby overcoming the adhesion of any dirt.

Temperature is another key factor for good cleaning results. The higher the temperature, the lower the mechanical energy required to remove dirt. In addition, when steam hits the surface and the dirt, the surface and the dirt will heat up at different rates, and the resulting thermal strain will help reduce the adhesion between the surface and the dirt.

Steam has the same cleaning effect as tap water softened by surfactants. Its particles penetrate under the dirt (this is different from the cleaning brush) and enter the places where the brush and small diameter optical fiber cannot reach. As the steam condenses there, it immediately automatically covers the dirt and then drives it away.

Another factor that affects the cleaning effect is time. Under a certain period of time, the high temperature of steam and the auxiliary cleaning brush or cleaning cloth can effectively remove common germs and molds.

These features of steam cleaning bring many advantages to users. It eliminates the need for detergent, which is especially good news for people with sensitive skin and/or allergies. Steam is a universal medium, so any special cleaning agent is no longer needed to meet the special cleaning purposes of many households. Since the steam cleaner always uses fresh water, it is cleaner than using scrubbing brushes and buckets. More importantly, because the humidity of the steam is not high, it can become dry quickly, so the cleaned surface can be used again soon. An important additional use is ironing. When the steam pressure reaches 4 bar, even multi-layer materials or heavy materials can penetrate and iron them smoothly.