How to descale the steam cleaner

Summary:1. How to descale the steam cleanerThe steam cleaning machine is a relatively easy-to-use household cleaning equipment, ...
1. How to descale the steam cleaner

The steam cleaning machine is a relatively easy-to-use household cleaning equipment, which can meet the needs of modern urban families. It is better than traditional cleaning tools in terms of function and practicability. It is very suitable for household use, but when using it, sometimes you will find There is scale inside, so do you know how to descale the steam cleaner?

The point to pay attention to when using a steam cleaning machine in winter is descaling. According to the different water quality in various parts of the country, the steam cleaning machine needs to be cleaned regularly. Scale removal once a month. The method of descaling is to mix 10:1 descaling agent in the water tank, turn on the machine to work, make the machine suck the water mixed with descaling agent into the machine for a week, and then turn off the machine and leave it for one night. The next day, use a clean water cycle for a week to rinse out the descaling.

2. What are the maintenance and maintenance methods of the steam cleaning machine?

In order to prolong the service life of the cleaning machine, daily maintenance is very important and must be strictly implemented:

1. Check the level of lubricating oil in the crankcase of the high-pressure pump every day, and replace the lubricating oil every three months.

2. Clean the water inlet filter every two weeks.

3. Clean the fuel nozzle and ignition electrode assembly once a month.

4. Change the fuel filter once in March.

5. Disassemble and wash the high-pressure oil pump once in March.