Principle and application of steam cleaner

Summary:The working principle of the steam cleaning machine is to speed up the movement of the resistant molecules on the surfac...
The working principle of the steam cleaning machine is to speed up the movement of the resistant molecules on the surface of the dirt through the steam generated by high temperature, and to eliminate various stubborn stains by breaking the bonding force between them, using a special steam generation system with a water pump to eliminate various Stubborn stains. It can quickly convert clean water into high temperature and high pressure steam within 30 seconds. At the same time, it completely eliminates all kinds of bacteria, mites, microorganisms and pathogens attached to objects. Convenient accessories such as nozzles and brushes, environmental protection concept, without any chemical reagents, efficient and fast decontamination and sterilization. Widely used in sterilization, dust removal, decontamination, degreasing, deodorization, suitable for unit and household use.
The steam cleaning machine has a unique cleaning effect and is a good product for modern cleaning; it is equipped with a variety of accessories with different functions and different purposes. With the powerful degreasing cleaning power of steam, it can remove bacteria, microorganisms and tiny impurities, and the steam brush can directly For daily floor cleaning, it can thoroughly clean doors and windows, mirrors, sofas, floors, toilet utensils and many other difficult-to-clean corners every day; it can also clean kitchen utensils, such as gas stoves, range hoods, etc., steam cleaners can also be ironed Clothing is a good assistant for housewives.

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