How to use steam cleaner

Summary:With the wide application of steam cleaners in life, more and more people use it. It is a good electrical appliance that...

With the wide application of steam cleaners in life, more and more people use it. It is a good electrical appliance that can completely eliminate various bacteria, mites, microorganisms and pathogens attached to objects.

The steam washing machine is widely used in people's lives, it brings great convenience to people, and is very popular with people. To know that it not only has ironing function, but also has cleaning, humidifying, cleaning functions The multi-function steam cleaner is a good choice, but at the same time, we should also pay attention to whether the steam cleaner has multi-position steam adjustment settings. Let us understand the use method of the steam cleaner together.

1. Unscrew the safety helmet in a counterclockwise direction from top to bottom, and add a measuring cup of water. Turn the safety helmet clockwise (If the safety helmet is idling, please press down from the bottom, and then tighten it after hearing the click)

2. Assemble the accessories as needed, connect the power plug, and the power indicator will light up. After waiting for 2-5 minutes, press and hold the steam jet button. After jetting steam, you can use it!

3. It is strictly forbidden to add any chemicals such as detergent, and only ordinary water can be used. Do not fill the water too much when using it, because there is a pressure reducing valve on the cover. If the water is too full, it will overflow from the hole of the pressure reducing valve.

4. Add water and pour water during use: When opening the lid, be sure to finish the steam inside, be sure to beat it a few more times, and then slowly open the lid.

5. Don't pull it down hard when changing your head, be sure to spin it down first. After cleaning, please leave the cleaner for a period of time, let the body cool down, and then pour off the remaining water, which will help protect the heater.

The rhythm of life is fast, I hope you can keep up with the tight pace, and not fall behind for some reason. It is very important to choose a good cleaning machine. During the use of the washing machine, it is inevitable that there will be failures. When a problem occurs, it should be eliminated according to different fault phenomena to find the cause carefully.

1. The spray gun does not spray water. The water inlet and the water inlet filter are blocked. The nozzle is clogged. The heating coil is blocked, and scale is removed if necessary.

2. The water pressure is unstable. Insufficient water supply. The pipeline is broken, and the cleaner nozzle is not inserted into the cleaner. The reason is that the air is sucked into the pipeline. Nozzle wear. High-pressure water pump seal leaks.

3. The burner does not ignite and burn, the air intake is insufficient, and white smoke is emitted. The fuel filter, fuel pump, and fuel nozzle are dirty and clogged.

4. The solenoid valve is damaged. The position of the ignition electrode changes and the spark is too weak. High voltage ignition coil is damaged. Damaged pressure switch.

Ok, the above is a summary of the troubleshooting of the steam cleaning machine. If the steam cleaning machine has the above problems, the user can find the reason and troubleshoot the problem. However, if the washing machine has serious faults such as pump body leakage and crankcase oil leakage, the washing machine should be sent to a professional maintenance department with complete accessories and strong technical force for repair, so as to avoid unnecessary economic losses.