Selection skills of steam cleaner

Summary:Selection skills of steam cleanerNowadays, with the rapid development of technology, people are affected by technology a...

Selection skills of steam cleaner
Nowadays, with the rapid development of technology, people are affected by technology and their lifestyles have changed a lot. For example, they have started to use machines when cleaning their homes. In the past, everyone used irons when ironing. After the development of science and technology, all use steam cleaners, so what are the purchase techniques of steam cleaners, let me introduce them in detail below!

1. It depends on the heater of the cleaning machine, that is, the inner liner. There are roughly four types of inner liner, plastic inner liner, copper inner liner, aluminum inner liner and stainless steel inner liner. Plastic liners have basically been eliminated at present. The market is now mainly copper liners, aluminum liners and stainless steel liners. Aluminum liner, the steam pressure is small, the power of the motor is small, and it is easy to burn out, and the price is relatively expensive; the stainless steel liner cleaning machine is cheap, the steam pressure is large, it is not easy to scale, and the life is long; All-copper heaters, all places, copper is easy to oxidize to produce copper oxide under high temperature and humid environment. After long-term oxidation, copper oxide is finally produced to produce patina, so although early, the energy efficiency ratio of copper liner is very high, but use After a period of time, the steam begins to decrease slowly. At this time, you need to use vinegar or descaling agent to remove the scale in the inner tank and need to be cleaned and maintained frequently.

2. To choose the function you need, there are many cleaning machines at present, not only have ironing function, but also have cleaning, humidification and cleaning functions. It is a good choice to buy a multi-function steam cleaning machine, but also pay attention to whether the steam cleaning machine has Multi-position steam adjustment setting. Multi-position adjustment will make ironing clothes easy and easy to operate. For example, the professional type QB06-C of Huaguang Electric, and the DJ29 of the Delma cleaning machine family, its stepless steam adjustment setting, any delicate fabric can be easily ironed. Some cleaning machines with cleaning accessories can be used as cleaning machines and mopping machines.

3. See if the product details are designed to be perfect for cleaning machines. When using ironing brushes, dripping phenomenon will often affect the ironing effect. It is a good choice to choose a steam cleaning machine that can prevent condensation. At the same time, we must pay attention to the design of the ironing brush. Setting an unreasonable ironing brush may scratch the fabric, and at the same time, there will be a dead corner in ironing. The current ironing brush design is a triangular pressure ironing brush design, which does not leave a dead end when ironing. If it is a smart office worker, the trousers clip is also a small detail that cannot be ignored. Using it to iron out the creases of the sleeves and pants is naturally and decent. At the same time, whether the water tank has a clean filtration design and whether the host has a drainage design are all critical, which can effectively prevent the heating pot from scaling and increase the life of the machine.

4. Seeing whether it is convenient to use the convenient cleaning machine will make ironing easier, and can be easily solved in the face of piles of clothes. For example, the steam cleaner and the steam control design of the handle can save frequent bending to shut down or adjust.

Well, through a comprehensive answer to the purchasing skills of the steam cleaner, we can learn from it that there are four aspects to consider when purchasing. Remember to adjust the multi-gear, which will make clothes ironing and easy. , The operation is in one step, I hope the above introduction can help everyone.