Mosquito Habits - Mosquitoes are not sensitive to UV light

Summary:Here we either have a clear knowledge. The mosquitoes we usually refer to are actually "house mosquitoes", which are the...
Here we either have a clear knowledge. The mosquitoes we usually refer to are actually "house mosquitoes", which are the kind of female mosquitoes that bite people. These mosquitoes breed in water and must find a place to inhabit after eclosion and after sucking blood. Generally speaking, mosquitoes like to inhabit hidden, dark and poorly ventilated places, such as under the bed, behind the cabinet, behind the door, in the wall cracks and in the animals. Houses, basements, etc., outdoors are mostly in grasses, caves, cellars, bridge holes, stone crevices, etc. After research, the biggest characteristic of mosquitoes is "feeding tendency", which moves with the airflow, is sensitive to temperature and odor, and likes to swarm, which means that mosquitoes can smell different characteristics of the human body to selectively attack. That's why people with well-developed sweat glands, higher body temperature, fast breathing rate, and fast metabolism are more likely to be "favored" by mosquitoes.

In addition, mosquitoes also have certain phototaxis, but this light should be dark, or some kind of invisible light. This is why biting mosquitoes are always nocturnal, and people who wear dark clothing are more vulnerable. Dark clothes will present a dark shadow at night, and mosquitoes will chase away to darker places. The color of clothes such as black is the first choice for mosquitoes to attack, followed by yellow, blue-violet, blue, red, green, etc. Mosquitoes do not like to bite white. That is, mosquitoes are not as sensitive to so-called "ultraviolet light", or are not as sensitive to smells.

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