What's the matter with the mosquito lamp full of dead mosquitoes

Summary:As mentioned earlier, mosquitoes are not sensitive to ultraviolet rays, so why do some ultraviolet mosquito killers stil...
As mentioned earlier, mosquitoes are not sensitive to ultraviolet rays, so why do some ultraviolet mosquito killers still catch a lot of mosquitoes? Looking at the mosquito killer lamp covered with dead mosquitoes, the effect should be good? How is this going? In fact, this mosquito is not the "other" mosquito.
Mosquitoes are found all over the world, and there are about 3,000 species in the world. We are usually talking about the biting female house mosquito. In addition to this, there are many species of mosquitoes, such as male mosquitoes, which do not bite and survive by sucking the sap of certain plants. There is also a cousin of the mosquito, the chironomid, which does not transmit disease, does not bite, is characterized by phototaxis, and likes water. This is why there are always swarms of mosquitoes beside the pond and under the street lamps. Most of the mosquitoes caught by the mosquito killer are such mosquitoes.

Are UV mosquito killers still necessary? The answer is necessary.
Ultraviolet mosquito killer lamps cannot attract mosquitoes, nor do they have the effect of eliminating mosquitoes. Do you still need mosquito killer lamps? I personally think it is necessary, but it depends on the specific use environment.
If you have already purchased the mosquito killer lamp, it is recommended that you keep it. It is not bad to be a decoration, it is better than throwing it away.
If you want to buy a UV mosquito lamp for indoor use, forget it. If you're using it outdoors, it's no problem.
In summer, there are more mosquitoes outdoors, including blood-sucking mosquitoes, chironomids that do not bite, and many small flying insects. Outdoor mosquito killer lamps are very effective for chironomids and small flying insects. In addition, it is difficult for mosquitoes to bite people when exercising outdoors. Therefore, the light source of the mosquito killer lamp is still attractive to biting mosquitoes and can eliminate some of the biting mosquitoes.
There will be some plants, flowers and plants in the courtyard. Mosquitoes are also annoying if they attach to them. Isn't it good to buy a mosquito killer to eliminate them? dont you agree?
Having said so much about the mosquito killer scam, here is a brief summary:
1. The indoor UV mosquito killing lamp may be really bad (if you have different opinions, you can leave a message for discussion).
2. The mosquito killer lamp scam is a bit general, and the effect of outdoor mosquito killer lamps is still very good.
3. To choose a suitable mosquito killer according to the scene, the choice is more important than the low price.
In addition to considering the light, the location selection of the solar outdoor mosquito killer also depends on whether it affects the spread of the light source. Determine the specific layout position according to the height of the lamp body.
(1) The lawn area can be placed on the edge of the lawn, but ensure that the mosquito trap area covers the entire lawn area. The area covered by a mosquito killer can overlap.
 (2) The green belt area can be considered to be placed in the middle of the green belt, as long as it does not affect the light transmission.
(3) The pool area can be placed on the side of the pool where people do not often go. The pool is an important mosquito activity area and must be covered with emphasis.