The main points of purchasing steam mop

Summary:Purchase pointsIf you want to start a steam mop, please look for the following points to buy. classification There are c...

Purchase points
If you want to start a steam mop, please look for the following points to buy.


There are currently two main types of steam mop. One is to drag a water tank host at the back like a bedroom vacuum cleaner. The advantage of this steam mop is that the water tank has a large capacity and more nozzle accessories. The disadvantage is that the volume is large and the movement is not convenient. The other is that, like a hand-held vacuum cleaner, the main components of the water tank light are integrated. This steam mop is more lightweight, but the capacity and function of the water tank will be limited. It is worth noting that the mainstream steam mops currently on the market are all wired, and you should also be optimistic about the length of the wire when buying. It is too short to clean.

Cleaning effect

Whether the cleaning effect of a steam mop is excellent is directly related to the amount of steam ejected and the temperature. When purchasing, a steam mop with a large amount of mist and a temperature above 120 degrees Celsius will have better decontamination ability. The cleaning effect of the steam mop is also related to the amount of steam mist and temperature. The cleaning effect of the large amount of fogging and the temperature above 120 degrees is relatively better.

Functional accessories

Some steam mops are only equipped with a mop for cleaning the ground, and some mops intelligently clean tiles and floor tiles, and some mops can clean carpets and wooden floors. At the same time, the more abundant the steam mop accessories, the more functions, and the other nozzles can also clean the kitchen grease, glass, sofas, etc., should be purchased on demand, be sure to specify the use requirements before buying, to see if the mop to be purchased meets the home environment .

Disadvantages of steam mop
Although the steam drag saves us from bending over when mopping the floor, and is rich in functions, it is not perfect in the use experience.

safe question

The steam mop emits high-temperature steam at 120 degrees Celsius, which may cause burns if accidentally touched. So avoid spraying to children, pets or flowers when using.

Water stain problem

Although many products claim that they can be dried immediately when they are publicized, many users report that some products still have water residues on the floor after use. This is also the direction of future product improvement.

On the whole, the steam mop, which is an emerging household electrical appliance product, has good feedback. Compared with traditional mops, it is healthier and labor-saving, it can easily remove a variety of stains, and has rich accessories. It can also clean fabrics, glass, kitchen supplies, etc. , Qiuzhenjun is still very optimistic about this product!