Working principle of steam mop

Summary:The working principle of the steam mop is to heat the water to generate pressure and high temperature, directly steriliz...

The working principle of the steam mop is to heat the water to generate pressure and high temperature, directly sterilize and sterilize by high temperature and high pressure steam, and clean the home environment.

In addition to the mopping function, many brands of steam mops have multiple accessories like handheld vacuum cleaners, extending a variety of functions, such as steaming, disinfecting fabrics, cleaning glass, cleaning range hoods, and so on. The steam sterilization function of the steam mop can effectively kill E. coli, Candida albicans, golden staphylococcus and mites.

After reading the functions and principles of the steam mop, this product is still very practical for families with children, because children always like to crawl and play on the ground, and they may "get sick from the mouth" if they are not careful. The traditional mop adds steam sterilization to make the home environment safer.

The difference with drag and sweep machine
Many people have already started the sweeping and mopping robot, so is it necessary to buy a steam mop?

1. The sweeping and dragging robot can often sweep and drag while no human control is required. However, the steam mop is still a mop in the true sense and requires manual hand-held work. In addition, before the steam mop is mopped, it is best to use a sweeping robot or broom to clean the ground garbage first, which is convenient for subsequent mopping work.

2. The unique high-temperature steam sterilization function of the steam mop is not available. The sweep mop is only equipped with a mop and moistened with water to mop the ground. From the perspective of disinfection and sterilization, the steam mop is better. Take advantage.

3. The steam mop is also stronger in decontamination ability. The reason for the design of the sweeping robot cannot be clear of stubborn stains, but the steam mop relies on the fuselage design and strong steam to remove some oil stains and stubborn stains.

4. The robot for sweeping and mopping can only mopping the ground, but besides mopping the ground, the steam mop can also clean fabric, glass, kitchen and other functions, which is more practical.
On the whole, if the requirements for clean environment in the home are relatively high, the mopping function of an all-in-one sweeping and mopping machine can not fully meet the home use. At this time, a steam mop is very good as a supplement.