What are the safety precautions for steam cleaner

Summary:Instructions for steam cleanerThe steam cleaner is widely used in people's life. It brings great convenience to people a...
Instructions for steam cleaner

The steam cleaner is widely used in people's life. It brings great convenience to people and is deeply loved by people. You should know that it not only has the ironing function, but also has the cleaning, humidification and cleaning functions. It is a good choice to buy a multi-functional steam cleaner. But you should also pay attention to whether the steam cleaner has multi gear steam adjustment settings. Let's learn about the instructions for the use of the steam cleaner.

1. Unscrew the safety helmet counterclockwise from top to bottom, and add a measuring cup of water. Turn the safety helmet clockwise (if the safety helmet is pressed to idle, please press it down, and tighten it after hearing the "click" sound).

2. Assemble the accessories as required, connect the power plug, and the power indicator will be on. After waiting for 2-5, press and hold the steam injection button, and the steam can be used after being ejected!

3. It is strictly prohibited to add any chemicals such as detergent, and only ordinary water can be used. Do not fill too much water when using, because there is a pressure reducing valve on the cover. If the water is too full, it will overflow from the hole of the pressure reducing valve.

4. Add water and pour water after use: When opening the lid, make sure to knock off the steam inside, and then slowly open the lid.

5. When changing the head, do not drag it down hard, but turn it first and then turn it down. After cleaning, please leave the cleaner for a period of time, let the body cool, and then pour out the residual water, which will help protect the heater.

What are the safety precautions for steam cleaner

1. Do not allow children to use alone or be too close to children without adults.

2. To prevent electric shock, do not immerse the power cord or plug in water or other liquids.

3. The power cord and plug shall be intact, and shall be stopped in case of damage or failure.

4. This product is only for household use, not for industrial use.

5. When the container is not filled with water, the power supply shall not be connected.

6. The power supply used shall comply with the manufacturer's regulations on products.

7. During operation, the container mouth must be tightly blocked, and the safety helmet should be screwed in place.

8. The socket with special grounding wire must be used.

9. When in use, the inclination angle of the machine body shall not be greater than 45 degrees, or the boiled water will be ejected with the steam.

10. Do not aim the steam flow at the human body, animals and other electrical products.

11. Make sure to unplug the plug and cut off the power when adding water. Plug must be removed after use, before cleaning tools and during maintenance.

12. Rust remover, aromatic agent, alcohol and cleaner shall not be added into the container, which is easy to be damaged.

Special note: Do not overfill the water, otherwise it will affect the generation of steam or the steam pressure is too high.