What are the uses of high-temperature steam cleaner

Summary:1、 What are the uses of high-temperature steam cleanerNow that everyone is advocating smart home, various smart products...
1、 What are the uses of high-temperature steam cleaner
Now that everyone is advocating smart home, various smart products have emerged, and cleaning tools have become more and more intelligent. What are the uses of vacuum cleaners, high-temperature steam cleaners, and high-temperature steam cleaners?
1. Cleanliness
The high temperature steam cleaner has a very strong cleaning function. It can not only remove the dirt on the ground, but also remove the lampblack in the kitchen, the dirt in the toilet, the dirt on the sofa, etc. The steam cleaner not only has a good cleaning effect, but also can ensure the indoor air humidity and improve the air drying phenomenon.
2. Sterilization
Compared with other cleaners, it has obvious advantages. In addition to its cleaning function, it also has the function of sterilization. Its internal steam can reach a high temperature of more than 100 degrees, and depending on strong pressure, it can thoroughly clean and disinfect household products. Therefore, the cleaning machine is suitable for household tableware, daily necessities, etc.
3. Removal of odor
In addition to cleaning the dirt on the ground, the cleaner can also remove odor, including smoke, alcohol, pet odor, etc., which can be solved with a light spray. After the indoor cleaning, the whole air will become more fresh, and can maintain long-term freshness. There is no need to buy perfume and freshener.
4. Air humidification
The high-temperature steam cleaner has many uses. It can replace the humidifier. When the room is relatively dry, it can improve the indoor humidity. It can also adjust the amount of steam as needed to release steam to ensure fresh air.
2、 What are the advantages of high-temperature steam cleaner
1. Fast preheating
High temperature steam cleaner only needs 30 seconds of preheating time to spray powerful steam for cleaning, sterilization and odor removal, while ordinary pressure cooker steam cleaner needs 10 to 15 minutes of preheating time.
2. Multi site use
It is very easy to use it at home. Use high pressure to generate steam, which can clean and sterilize, and easily deal with difficult dirt! It can easily solve the problem whether it is the oil dirt that is hard to clear in the kitchen range hood and the mold breeding in the wet bathroom.
3. Health
The machine is cleaned with high-temperature steam, which is very healthy. It can achieve the effect of descaling and sterilization without any detergent. Just use clear water! High temperature water vapor can eliminate dirt, sterilize and remove mites.